Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The Five Minute Journal - A Great Way To Focus On The Good

Hola everyone!

Yesterday I wrote about the gratitude list and I have also written about how hard it was for me to start because I was not in the gratitude mindset. I have passed that phase. All fine and dandy. Now, the bigger hurdle is CONSISTENCY.

LOL Yep! Just when you thought you got this and wham you are hit by the challenge of keeping up with this new habit of writing gratitude list consistently for the next 30 days!

You might remember me telling about how I could hardly get past #3 of my list to writing 3 full A5 pages, so on and so forth. I have to agree that keeping that up for the next 30 days is about discipline. No one says building a new habit is easy :D. Do I have great news for you! Oh, and I am not saying that this will let you off easy either, however, I believe this is managable. Stay with me...

A few months ago, my sister shared with me that she finds it hard to keep up with those long lengthy gratitude list. She has, however, stumbled into something that is easier for her to keep up with. That is the Five Minute Journal.

The Five Minute Journal is " The simplest most effective thing you can do every day to be happier" - Five Minute Journal. Check them out here. You will get to flip through the journal to see if it would work for you.

What I like using the Five Minute Journal format is that it helps me to focus on the Good from the moment I wake up. Here, they put this habit of doing the Five Minute Journal (the first thing in the morning upon waking up and the last thing you do before you go to bed) as a commitment. The commitment to shift your focus to the positive.

I thought that is brilliant! While I don't have the Journal per say, because I have to order them from the US, I have been using the daily prompts to help me get started. I have been using my Hobonichi Techo 'Cousin' daily pages for this purpose. I am loving it so far.

My Hobonichi techo 'Cousin'

My Daily Page

The idea is to be able to do quick 5 minute journal. That is why it is called Five Minute Journal ;D. It is not suppose to take so much of your time that it will deter you from commiting to it. 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes before bed. Since I have been writing my Gratitude List for quite sometime, I don't really have issues with doing this twice a day. I mean ... Hello ... only 5 minutes ya.

I urge you to check them out. If you are from the US, it should be easy for you to order the Journal from them. They also have an App for this for both Android and iOS user. How great it that?! It is priced at USD 4.99 - pretty reasonable! I am a pen and paper girl so getting the Journal is my next goal.

I hope you will give this a go in your pursuit to have positivity in your life.

In Gratitute


Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Practice Gratitude In Your Life - The Gratitude List

"Reflection upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some" Charles Dickens

Count your blessings they say and I never really understood what that phrase mean when I was younger. It was not until a couple of years ago that I was presented with the opportunity to 'practice' gratitude that I finally understood. As Charles Dickens so aptly said it " Reflection upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty..".

It was at one of those phase in my life when I was feeling down and out when a friend of mine suggested that I do a Gratitude List. She said that I am to do it every night before I go to sleep. So, I went back home that day and started doing my Gratitude List. Simple enough I thought.

At first, I had a hard time coming up with what I am grateful for the day! And here I thought it would be a breeze. ..I was dead wrong. Clearly, I was not in a gratitude mindset and I was blown away by that fact. I could hardly make it to no. 3 on my list of things that I am grateful for. I did not understand the mechanism. Laughable indeed!

The next day I texted her to tell her my experience. She then told me it is natural to not know what to right the first time. She gave me a few example of things that I can be grateful for - I am grateful for the air that I breathe, my long thick black hair ...etc ... Nothing special, just simple 'normal' thing that I obviously took for granted.

That night, I started over.. one normal simple thing to be thankful for to another. That night, I finished 3 full A5 pages in my notebook. I was amazed.. I had so much to be grateful for. I did it again the next night and the list just gotten longer from then on. It gets easier to be grateful to the simplest of things once you are in the gratitude mind set. 

I also noticed that my heart became lighter as days went by. I learnt that I in actual fact have nothing to complain about. I only have so many things to be grateful for. 

Now, as I am writing this, I am grateful to my friend to have introduced me to this simple act of submitting my gratitude to God ( or to the universe if you are inclined to that ) everyday before I sleep as a reminder that I am blessed. Being in Gratitude mindset means being in the state of Abundance always. 

So, I would like to invite you to give this Gratitude List writing a go and experience the miracle if being in Abundance. 

xoxo In Gratitude,

Monday, 28 March 2016

Kung Fu Panda 3 - What I Learn From It

Now tell me who doesn't love this big cuddly, at times clumsy Panda? :D Aside from being amazingly funny, the Kung Fu Panda movie series have a lot to teach us about life and how we view things.

Kung Fu Panda 3 hit me quite hard this time around - in particular the issue with "Who am I ?"

It is a question so many of us have when taking the journey to self. We often get confused with who we are. Taking on different responsibilities often times make us forget who we are. More often then not, we adapt to suit the environment we are in or the role we have to play - at work place, at home, with family, friends, co-workers etc.

I was asked this question recently as I crossed another intersection in my life, and I couldn't answer it. Despite my years of training and my role as a coach .. I do not know how to answer that simple question. All I know is I can do so many things when I put my mind to it and as long as I have interest in something I know I will do well in it. But that was it. I juggled so many things to the point where I got burned out. That made me decided to return to myself.

This movie taught me:
1. At certain point of our life we need to change and take on new roles and responsibilities simply because the need for it has come.

2. We are in actual fact all the roles we take on .. for me - a woman, a daughter, a teacher, a wife, a friend, a makeup and beauty junkie, a blogger and a servant of God. We are ALL that.

3. You can only turn You into YOU. It doesn't make sense yet it makes a lot of sense once you think about it. We are so busy trying to be someone else that we forgot to be us. Be the best version of yourself the saying goes. If you are a teacher, be the best version of you as a teacher ..  never compete with anyone else but yourself. Capitalise on your talent. If you can write well but no magazine wants to hire you - BLOG. If you can teach people how to put on their makeup then TEACH people how to put on makeup. Never wait. That is the beauty of the world we live in today. You are free to venture to new things and information is readily available everywhere.

SO go out there and be the best version of yourself. We all have our talents waiting to be unleashed.

All the best!

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Launch of Limited Edition Dot Shock Collection by PUPA

The Italians are not only well known for their designing industry but also their beauty and cosmetic industry. In fact many of the world’s top producers of cosmetics and beauty products are indeed Italian. So, you can imagine my excitement when I was invited to witness the unveiling of a new Spring – Summer Collection 2016 for a leading makeup brand in Italy – PUPA

The collection is called Dot Shock – a modern and colourful take on the Polka Dot trend. This collection juxtaposes Delicate and Intense colours, marrying them to create the perfect harmony of Soft and Bold colours.

With that information in hand, I went to the launch with much expectation. Arriving at the venue at SaSa IOI City Mall,  I was greeted with a wonderful display of girly girl decorations in hues of reds, pinks and purples.  A girl couldn’t help but feel special :D

We even had a photo booth for photo sessions. Here I am with my new blogger friend, lovely Afidah.

If I was smitten by the reception area, I fell in love when I saw the collection. Dot Shock is indeed a beautiful collection from packaging right down to the colour selection.

We were graced by the presence of the co-creator of this collection who is PUPA’s very own International Makeup Artist Giorgio Forgani.

Giorgio explained that the Red is the colour of PUPA as it represents the colour of Passion. 
                                                         I say Yes to that!

 PUPA has produced many products that is # 1 in Italy. 

The collection consists of Dot Shock Eyeshadow PaletteVamp!Stylo Liner
Dot Shock BlushMiss Pupa & Dot Shock Balmy Gloss for lip sticks and lip 
glosses and finally their nail polishes in Lasting Color Gel and Lasting Color 
Velvet Matt.

Giorgio demonstrated on how he uses the collection to create
luminous, delicately fresh Spring-Summer Italian look.

While demonstrating, he gave us tricks and tips on creating professional looking makeup at home.

Valuable lessons for me are:
1. How to put on mascara - there are two ways of putting on mascara and each   
     creates distinctly different  outcome.
·       Zig-zag method – will create soft defined look that would look most natural. Put the mascara brush at the based of your lashes and wiggle it along the length of your lashes in a zig-zaggy motion.
·      Long Strokes method – will create a strong enhanced look on the lashes. Put the mascara brush at the base of your lashes and pull it straight along the length of your lashes.

2. How to put on blusher -  to create a beautiful healthy blush, use a fluffy blush brush and apply product to the apples of the cheek . Then, without adding anymore product on the brush, go on to defuse the colour in an upward circlular motion right to the temples and then to the area under your eye brow ( about ¾ in).

3. How to apply eyeshadow on the lid – use a flat stiff brush. Pick up eyeshadow using the flat side of the brush and apply the product on the lid using a patting motion – not in sweeping motion, to create a more intense colour on the lid.

I applied his techniques and I think I managed to recreate the look that he did on his beautiful model :p
An excellent teacher he is, this Giorgio!

 OMG I must say I love everything that I tried in this collection.  If I have to list it down, here is what I love most about the new collection:
1.  The packaging! I am a sucker for packaging and the one created for this collection is fun, modern and vibrant, yet so feminine! It took its inspiration from the elegance of polka dots in the 30s style.  I know a few friends of mine that would fall head over heels for the packaging alone.

2. Colour Payoff. The colour payoff is excellent! We didn’t use any primer when we tried on the products so I was impressed with the intensity of the colours. So saturated.

3. Eyeshadow is buttery soft! When I ran my fingers on the eyeshadow to test the consistency of the shadow and boy was I in for a surprised. The powder is finely milled and they are buttery soft to the touch. Best part is I didn't notice a lot of product kickbacks when I pick up the shadows with a brush. One more thing, these shadows can be used dry for casual looks or wet to intensify the colours. Awesome!

4. The Blush colour. OMG! This is officially my favourite blush colour for me from here on.  The blush is made of warm pink, bubblegum pink and apricot colour beads. Dip a blush brush into the dainty jar, swirl it and pop it to the cheeks and they will give you that healthy luminous look. Perfect for almost any skin tone. I love this the most!

5. Lining my eyes using Vamp! Stylo Liner. It is so easy to draw a fine and ultra precise line with this baby. Upon closer inspection, I found that the tip is not made of felt tip but sponge-like tip!  That makes it much easier to follow the contours of the eye – the reason why it was so easy to draw a precise line.

6. Price Point. For the high quality of the products, I must say I was surprised at the price point. The price for the products in this collection ranges from RM43 – RM99. Amazing price point for 5-star quality! Fantastico PUPA!

Here are more pictures taken during the event

The two gorgeous eyeshadow palettes 

My now favourite blush!

Love the mascara and Vamp! Stylo Liner

The Dot Shock Collection

Their space in SaSa

 :D Giorgio Forgani and I

For me, PUPA has captured the essense of woman and feminity – succesfully matching soft spring earth tones with shocking Fuschia.  Bold yet unintimidating.

Would I buy the items from Dot Shock Collection?
Double YES!

Would I recommend friends to try and buy products from PUPA?
Triple YES!

Where to get your hands on PUPA cosmetics?

Overall it is one girly girl event that is right up my alley. Thank you SaSa for organizing a wonderful event. Thank you Nuffnang for inviting me to cover the story.

See you in my next post, Ciao Ciao!

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Saturday, 7 February 2015

BeautyOAT Collagen Plus+ Oat Drink Formula - My new best friend

Yoohoo everyone. Happy Sunday!

It is a relaxing Sunday for me this week so thought I drop a post especially for you who are looking for a product that could help you with you skin issues and general health. We women close to our 40s has different needs mind you.

For those who know me personally or who had stumbled into my blog would know that I have skin issues; pimples, uneven skintone and more recently... dryness and oiliness coupled with tiny irritating pimples (whom would drop by and have a party particularly around my jawline and hairline) depending on which way my hormones chose to swing. It is very confusing to me so I have 2 different skincare type to deal with my ever changing hormones. Lennox did the most part in helping me cope with my adult pimple saga in 2013 and I am sure you have read all about it.

My current situation is quite different from back then. Like I explained earlier my skin is confused. I believe age has a hand in this and it won't rest until I reach the elegant age of 40 (some said) in a couple of years. .....That's way too long a wait!

One day I stumbled into this heaven sent product :D

Cute packaging don't you think? I have read reviews about this baby and of course yours truly have to try it. Went to their website and a day later I received this in my mail. Just for the record their staff are very efficient!

In this pretty box I get 18 gold-coloured sachets each weighing 30 grams. I have to take this twice a day; once in the morning during breakfast and another at night before bed. So, one box is a 9-day supply. Retails at RM 79 (WM) and RM 89 (EM)

As a person who is used to eating oats, this was a breeze for me. No issues about the taste and all that so Yippee! I was just so eager to try and see if the claims made by others works for me too. Oh, it is also important to note here that I was in my menstrual. I was informed that it is safe for me to consume this product in my delicate condition :D so double Yippe! DO NOTE that some product out there are not encouraged or not safe to be consumed during menses or pregnancy ya.

Here is my report:

Day 2 : I noticed my irritating tiny friends dried up and it was easy for me to take them out and clear my congested skin area around my jawline and hairline. I also realised that I don't experience hunger pangs in between meals. I also continued to have my menses as usual ... My body is very sensitive during this time of the month FYI. Anything foreign that is not natural when ingested during this period will caused my menses to stop and that includes Panadol! Weird and scary but it is true.

Day 4 : I still have one or two hat came out to play but dried very quickly the next day. I also noticed improvement in my digestive system.

Day 6 : My skin feels smooth to the touch. I don't know how that happened but yeay! When i run my hands across my face, I feel no roughness on the jaw or forehead or cheeks. Marvellous!

Day 9 : Amazingly my skin was no longer confused. No more terrible dryness on my cheeks and most importantly, I don't notice oiliness on my T-zone. I am a happy woman!

The product : Is Malaysian made! and is Halal. Contains natural ingredient that is safe to consume daily. BeautyOat is certified by SGS (Malaysia) SDN BHD and ingredients are compliant with the Food Act 1983 and Food Regulations 1985. Most importantly:

4 Main Ingredients : Oat, Marine Collagen, Cherry Blossom and Pomegranate. Read more about it here

Would I recommend this product ? 
YES, YES and double YES!

Where can you buy this amazing product ? 
You can go to their website and purchase there. While you are at it, find them on Facebook and Instagram : BeautyOAT

More images:

How to prepare

Need I say more?

I highly recommend you to give this product I go. My only concern here is ...... I have ran out of it! Got to get my supply in very soon!

Have a great Sunday all! Love yourself!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation - My 2014 Best Liquid Foundation

Hello ladies

Have you or are you having issues with finding the perfect foundation colour? I do. For years it has been my number one plight...To the point of giving up ok. No joke.

Then NARS came into my life and my plight is gone yeaaay! NARS Sheer Glow Foundation gives me enough coverage for daily wear. While I love my Estèe Lauder Double Wear Foundation, this gives me a more natural dewy look. Plus, the colour is a perfect match. I am in Medium 3 - Stromboli.

This formula is buildable so you can layer it for more coverage. Most importantly they don't look cakey even after the 3rd layer. I of course use my Beauty Blender. It is important to note here too that NARS actually recommends their foundation to be applied using your fingers as the warmth of your hands will better help the product to blend beautifully with your skin. I have used the foundation both ways (of course this is based on using the original Beauty Blender) and the effect is the same.

Their Sheer Glow Foundation retails for MYR 165 without the dispenser pump. I don't remember exactly how much I paid for the dispenser but i believe it is around MYR19.

Would I recommend this to friends?

Would I repurchase this?

I have used this on brides and they do last through out the akad nikah ceremony and reception under our sunny Malaysian weather. What I personally feel best about using this foundation for brides is that, it gives the skin the sort of glowiness that gives my blushing brides radiant complexion, almost ethereal so to speak.

Give this foundation a go and you would love it too, promise!


I have heard about NARS more than 8 to 9 years ago on a TV Programme at NTV7. It said that NARS is the number one makeup brand for foundation used by celebrity makeup artists in Hollywood. Why? Because of the wide colour spectrum it offers ( particularly suitable for women of colours) and the dewy soft effects it gives the complexion during photo shoots.

I was saying "If JLo and Beyonce ( to name a few famous artist ) can rock this foundation then I should be able to find my colour". Back then online shopping was not that big in Malaysia, not to mention getting cosmetics from the US online. Plus, even if there was an online shop that carried this NARS foundation, how would I know my colour if I don't colour test them on my skin, right?

So, imagine my excitement when NARS opens a store here in KL. I went there the first week they open and guess what? They were almost out of foundation ... and that included the one in the colour that matches me like a second skin. If I were to be an animated figure, I would have had a knife in my hand and stabbed myself :p

Heart broken.

While I have recommended this foundation to many, I,  after my first visit, never attempted to even ask, much less buy, my colour after so long a wait. Finally, in the month of May, 2014 ... they have my colour in stock.

I walked out of NARS that day a happy woman :D

Till my next post ... Love Yourself


Saturday, 10 January 2015

30 Days of Yoga Commitment

Hello my friends,

If you have been following my blog, you would know by now that I have committed myself to 30 Days of Yoga as a way to get myself back on the mat. I am so out of practice so these daily shots of short Yoga sequence do help me ease into my practice.

So here I thought I would share with you my daily dose of Yoga sequence. Hopefully it will help you start and practice Yoga on your own at home. What? At home? Yes you heard me right. I don't go to Yoga studios to practice Yoga. I do it in the comfort of my home where I can practice anytime of the day and in whatever attire I choose to wear. It sounds so unconventional but I am telling it has been great. Practicing at home taught me to listen to my body, know my limitations and accept them, which led me to practice caution and practice using my inner mirror to guide me in doing my practice.

Yes! there is such a thing as inner mirror. It is like dancing without a big mirror in front of you where you learn to rely on your body's intuition to copy the steps and guide your movement.

Reasons for me practicing Yoga at home:

1. The schedules at Yoga studios are not to my liking. Most of what I wanted to join in are after working hours. I do not have a fix working hours so having to wait till the end of the day to do Yoga does not sound attractive to me.

2. I do not relish the thought of driving out, braving the traffic to do a 1-hour class.

3. The classes are expensive!!!!

4. I am not sure about going to a mix group of male and female class ... not appealing.

5. There are so many free Yoga classes online.

6. I can download these classes. I can play, pause and repeat as many times as I want! Yeay! Can you do that in traditional Yoga classes? Unlikely.

Anyway, I am currently following a 30-day program crafted by Adriene who is based in Houstan, Texas .... ( don't you just love the internet?). Thanks to the internet, I am able to connect with her and do all the wonderful practices with her along with thousands of others around the world in our own time zone.

The sequences in this 30 Days of Yoga are relatively short, between 16-35 minutes so it is perfect for those of you who are just starting or, like me, starting over. One thing to remember is to have fun doing them. Forgive yourself if you can't do certain poses and know that you will get better over time. I know I did. Sure I get sores on certain days particularly the days where the emphasis is on the core muscles but I have to keep my practices so I can get back in shape.

So, here you are the link to my playlist, please click here. Or you can subscribe to her channel and take it from there here. We are on day 9 today but you can start anytime. That's the beauty of having online classes. It is totally up to you :D

Here is Day 1 for your viewing. I hope this video will be the start of many more Yoga practices for you. Let's celebrate life and choose to be healthier this year.