Saturday, 16 June 2012

Simplysiti Gold Edition Shading Blush

Hello lovelies!

It has been a while since I last posted anything on my blog. Anyway, today I want to talk about / review an item that I am beginning to love so much and that is the Simplysiti Contouring/Shading Blush set.

FYI shading or contouring is a technique used by makeup artist around the world to accentuate the features. People always keep talking about Kim Kardashian's beautifully sculpted cheeks and all that stuff and believe me the contouring and all does enhanced her already beautiful features. Our local makeup artist uses the very same technique on ALL our Malaysian artist...It's a matter of having it looked natural or overdone that's all :D

I bought this shading blusher set about a year ago but never gotten around to use it. Reason? Plain lazy. However, recently I have been following a makeup artist from UK who absolutely love to do contouring. I am telling you, learning the technique makes it easier to do this BUT it needs practice because if you don't then you will end up looking dirty in the face....not nice at all.

One thing about Simplysiti shading blush it that the shading colour does not look sooo intimidating as the ones used by Makeup Artist. That is why I love it so much. I mean in my classes we use super dark colour. It has to be so, because if you use a light contouring colour then it will not show up on camera. This Simplysiti one is meant for your everyday makeup. Here is the blusher palette:

As you can see it has a peach colour blush and somewhat brown shader/contouring colour. The peach blusher looks soft on the pan but once you put it on your cheek it can look a bit over powering so you only need a tiny bit of colour. I would normally just dab my blusher brush just once on the colour and that would be enough for one side of the cheek. Sweep it over the apples of your cheeks (where you cheek bone is). The brown shader colour gives you just the right amount of colour to contour. This shader is to be applied at the hollows of your cheeks. The diagram below will show you where those areas are:

Ok this diagram is more for those makeup artist. These are the areas that a makeup artist would usually highlight or shade/contour. For everyday contouring, you only need to 'shade' the hollows of you cheeks as shown above, with the Brown shade from Simplisity Shading Blusher set. Hollows of your cheek means just below you cheek bone. The area ABOVE the shaded area is where you should put your Peach blush, where your cheek bone is. Easy? hehe it is easy.

The KEY here is to not over do it. Believe me you will look weird and so unnatural if you put on too much blusher colour and shading colour. So please... :D. Overall, I would rate Simplisity Shading  Blusher set as 8/10. The colours are well pigmented and the shader colour looks natural enough if you don't over do it. I just wish that they have came up with a Pink set too. I forgot how much this set cost. You can still find this Gold Edition in Watsons and Guardian.

Do check out JLo and Kim Kardashian for the perfect blusher-contoured look to recreate. You won't see those horrible clownish pink blush on their faces.

Anyway just for fun, I would like to share with you my contouring palette that I use for doing makeup on my clients hihi. You will see how dark the contour shade is. Scaaaaaryyy buuut it is for the camera my dearies. This palette has 3 highlighting powders, 1 shader powder and 2 blusher powders.

I hope this entry helps you in some ways. :D Till next post... stay healthy and happy.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Oh My Cellulite

Hello again dearies :) I was flipping over a magazine last night and came across an article on cellulite. Hmm Cellulite is those orange-peel dimples on thighs and butts that affects everyone.

                                                            image from the internet

Yes, EVERYONE at one point in life. they are not easy to be rid off. Apparently even slim women can get this nasty thing too.

Why is that, you might ask? Well, according to experts cellulite is not just about fats! It is also about the skin so even dedicated exercising do not always help. Goodness! When I read that line I could almost here the cricket sound in the background. Oh and personally I think our metabolism rate has something to so with that too.. I am guessing here.

So how do we tackle this problem of ridding ourselves of this orange-peel dimples? Are those gazillion products out there that promised to 'help' improve cellulite condition can do the trick?

After reading through the article and some other articles as well pertaining to the problem, here are some dimple busters that could help.. keeping in mind that exercising does not necessarily help..

  1. Strengthen your skin by eating foods that are rich in lecithin as well as essential fatty acids, antioxidants and amino acids. Experts believe that these nutrients help to increase blood and liquid circulation. Dairy protein called casein in dairy product may be a little hard to digest therefore can clog the lymph ducts that conduct waste out of your body, resulting in fluid build up in your fatty tissues making cells bulge.
  2. Drink lots of water in order to transport all the nutrients mentioned above so they could function properly. Caution: you must not drink big gulps water after 8pm as you might end up going for toilet trips in the middle of the night! The word is 'sip' water after 8pm. Do your drinking mostly during the day.
  3. Do exercise to burn excess fat and tone your muscles. For lazy bumps like me :D aerobics or 'Poco-poco' should suffice. 
I think anyone can do the first two bullets listed above if not all three as with the case of yours truly. Anyway since I am in the mood of listing things I might as well do this. Here are some facts on nutrients listed in point 1:

  • Amino Acids - Called the "legos" of your body. these building blocks form portend which grow and repair damage tissues to boost cell metabolism. You can find them in : Spinach, lettuce, red and white meat, carrots, onions, bell peppers (capsicum), celery and fruits.
  • Lecithin - Lecithin is a fatty substance found in your cell membranes that helps to bind fats and cholesterol to water so they pass through your body without building up (ahah!). You can find them in : Eggs, soy, cauliflower, tomatoes and beans.
  • Antioxidants - They protect your body cells against cell-dmaging free radicals, promote healthier skin and cells for better complexion (note to self hehehe). You can find them in : Berries, citrus, broccoli, teas ( be it white, green or black teas), whole grain bread and pasta.
  • Essential fatty acid - Omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids manufacture and repair cell membranes and help cell absorb maximum nutrients. You can find them in : Fish (esp salmon and tuna), avocado, nuts and oat meals.

So there you have it your natural sources for those essential nutrients to help combat your cellulite issues. However, if you can not always prepare food at home that contains all the above.. fear not. In the words of my father, TAKE YOUR FOOD SUPPLEMENT DILIGENTLY. If you are like me who hates to take different supplements, opt for Spirulina.  I would say it is the almost the most complete food supplement with the addition of Vitamin C because Spirulina does not contain that. 

I hope this helps. Rummage through your refrigerator and see if you could whip up something healthy for your body and at the same time tackle cellulite issues if you have them. Till then stay beautiful inside out!

Essence Mouse Makeup - My current fav

Hi y'all, and thank you for taking time to visit my blog. I am going to talk about a product that I recently picked up. It is by far the best foundation that I have tried. It is the Mousse Make Up by essence.

This Mousse Make Up is medicated (yeeeaaaay). As you might have remembered from my last post I am recovering from a series of major breakout. It is healing well thanks to Uriage ;). Aaaanyway I am a girl who can't live without make up. With a very unstable skin right now I am almost terrified to put on any form of make up product on my skin.

This baby is an anti-bacterial make up that ensures matt complexion without clogging it (but I make sure i cleanse my skin proper no matter what they say ;)). The light texture makes it easy to apply. The clearderm complex with zinc prevents the appearance of new blemishes, has a soothing effect and accelerates the healing process of skin impurities.

In a nutshell, I LOVE IT! Even in a humid hawker stall it has kept my skin matt weehee! Guess how much this is?? RM18.90! Isn't that awesome?! You can find this brand at Mid Valley Megamall.

You can browse the website if you like and click HERE but I must warn you that the kiosk does not carry all of essence product here in Malaysia.

Stay lovely and happy girls! muah

Uriage Eau Thermal - My New Skin Affair

Hello lovelies, it has been a while since my past post :) I am so excited to share with you my recent product discovery.

Anyway since my last entry I have been trying on new skincare. Since early this year my skin has been throwing major tantrum. I was experiencing major breakouts that left my skin with acne scars. I looked like someone who had just recovered from chickenpox ok... not funny. I could hardly look at myself in the mirror. It really broke my heart to see my skin in that condition after years of trying gazillion products from low to high end. When finally my skin seemed to be better, it went on another round of breakout.

I stopped using Origins (used this brand for about a year) and started on Clarins. It was ok for about 3 weeks when my skin started to feel dry. That made my skin oilier as the brain registered my skin to be dehydrated therefore secreting more oil. Again I was buying products to tackle the problem but to no avail.

Needless to say I had enough of trying the high end products. Finally after a week of not using anything on my face I stumbled into Uriage Eau Thermal at Guardian. All I can say is I am glad I listened to the skincare promoter. I normally shy away from promoters because they always push products to your face. But this middle aged lady was different...well at least she seemed sincere in giving her recommendation. At that point she only recommended me to buy the Thermal Water face spray and gave me samples to last me two weeks for me to try.

On the third day I saw a huge improvement to my skin condition. My skin became less oily. A week later my breakout subsided and my skin felt more alive and healthier then ever. No more uncomfortable taut skin after cleansing. No more overly shiny skin. So here are my basics that helped me through my difficult skin disorder.

                         From Left to Right- Cleanser: Creme Lavante; Toner: Eau Thermal Water; Treatment:    
                                                                       Hyseac A.I and Hyseac Active care with AHA

  • The lady gave me a Gentle Soap-free cleanser Creme Lavante (Hydration range) to help me with my skin dehydrated condition. 
  • The Eau Thermal Water is a must in all Uriage daily skincare regime. The Thermal Water is important to tone and hydrate your skin. It is a natural isotonic water which means its composition is very close to that of the skin cells therefore it can easily penetrates into the skin to provide the elements essential for a healthy skin. The water is rich in minerals and trace elements (11gm/lt)
  • Hyseac A.I (combination to oily range) cream gel which regulates inflammation, decreases blemishes and red spots.
  • Hyseac Active Care with AHA (combination to oily range) to be worn at night. It reduces blackheads, whiteheads and controls excess sebum.

My skin is now healing well. Oh just to point out that the promoter advised me to double cleanse my skin in the morning and night. Uriage has this Cleansing Water to be used before the proper cleansing. The cleansing water is a full fledge cleanser on its own and it does not require you to rinse after wiping it across your skin with a cotton pad. At first I was quite skeptical about double cleansing my skin in the morning however I must say the cleansing water does take of dead skin cells and whatever leftovers of you nightly skincare.

I have been using this product for a month now. Happier skin for me :)

If you want to read more about Uriage and their Thermal Water and skincare range, do continue to click on HERE

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Loving Lipsticks from Simplysiti

Hi again my lovelies. It's a beautiful morning and I thought I just want to jot this mini review on one of my long standing favorite lipstick from a local brand called Simplysiti. A bit of background before we go to the review: Simplysiti was founded by Malaysia's number one singer the lovely Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. An amazing singer from a humble beginning. Her talent, sheer hardwork and consistency has propelled her to stardom, marking her entertainment career with countless awards and I must say is already a Legend.

She started her own skincare and makeup line under the brand name Simplysiti about a year or so ago I can't really remember and her product was and still a hit among Malaysian who are looking for quality but affordable skincare and cosmetics. Her full beauty line can be found at all Watson and Guardian. Recently she has launched her perfume line targeting middle income group. More to come of that I am sure.

Ok let's go to my favorite part; the review. When I bought these lipsticks I had a hard time getting the colours that I want due to their availability. It was about the time when she launched her product line. Her product was flying off the shelf. I had to go to 3 different Watson to get my hands on the colour of my choice. By the way, she has named her lipsticks after her hit singles :). So yes I was hunting for Ku Mahu. That was apparently a hit colour, but I only manage to get that after I bought Purnama Merindu (as a consolation ).

Apart from the beautiful colour pay off, what surprises me the most was the quality of the lipstick. For something that gives great colour pay off, her lipsticks are very moisturizing.  The Lipstick formula contains Jojoba oil and Vitamin C to care for your lips. For the record I have relatively dry lips. When wearing Simplysiti lipstick I never have to wear my lip balm. Her lipsticks are that saturated.

Here is what the packaging looks like and the swatches from the two colours that I have from her collection

Sleek packaging

from left to right: Ku Mahu (creme sheen) and

Purnama Merindu (frosted - giving a volumnizing effect)

The Season's Craze - Nude Makeup Palettes Pt.2, Urban Decay Naked Palette

Hello again lovelies

It has been a while since my last entry. This should have been up since last week but procrastination got the better of me hehehe.. Anyways, this is Part 2 of my Nude Makeup Palettes edition. This time featuring the palette that started the whole craze ..Urban Decay Naked palette and how lucky plus dramatic I was when I got it/them hehe.. Oh and I will also be talking about the sister palette Naked 2. Might as right? Here they are:

The Urban Decay Naked Palette was and perhaps still is the most talked about palette since its launch in August or September 2010. I remember how it was the most desired palette worldwide that year AND the year after. I was pretty sure when Urban Decay team sat down to put the palette together they did not expect that it will LITERALLY fly off the shelf. That was the issue many people ran into. It went out of stock for months, so much so that they had to reproduce the palette with an accompanying shadow brush instead of the dual end eyeliner in Zero and Bourbon (I would have loved to have the dual ended liner) because I presume it will be faster to produce that instead of the liner. Well, regardless, that batch flew off the shelves of many cosmetic outlets where they sell this. It took a year for the palette to finally reach Malaysia thanks to Sephora! Even so, Sephora only carried 200 pieces for the first launch much to the disappointment of many Malaysian Makeup junky like me.

I, on the other hand was very lucky. That faithful day, I had an appointment with a client of mine. Honestly, I made a promise that day that I will be a good girl and not walk into Sephora ( I parked my car at Pavilion). I literally walked across the street and went passed Sephora without even a side glance. I was very proud of myself. :) However, when I walked back to pavilion ...lo and behold .. I was in full view of the Urban Decay shelf and there it was .. The Naked Palette! I was practically running to it and I am almost sure I didn't look all that glamorous running in heels! But there it was. I couldn't believe my eyes. I got hold of it, still unbelieving and clutched it to my chest... Yeah..yeah call me drama queen but that was the truth. The BA told me that's one of the last 3. How lucky was I?? VERY.

Anyway, this is the palette that drove junkies like me crazy.. :D

Ain't it a beauty? I fell in love with it all over again. I mean there is nothing like looking at it in person as oppose to looking at it online. I actually have given up all hope to ever own this. It was like a dream came true for me. Little bit of description down here:
Casing : sleek velvety case with magnetic closure
Colour configuration : warm nude, brown and bronzy shades
Texture : shimmery/ soft glittery/ satin/ metallic and matte
Quality : great texture and very pigmented
Verdict : Great buy great colour selection

Then you think this is going to be it right? Nope. Urban Decay had to release another "naked" palette and this time it is The Naked 2. As uncreative a name that is, the palette was something else. Again it created the excitement worldwide for makeup addict alike. I went "here we go again". The lady at Sephora KLCC said it will take about a year for it to arrive Malaysia. Needless to say I watched the reviews done by makeup gurus that I follow online and almost everyone said that if you have the first one you won't need the second one. Plus, the colour configuration is more for those with fair skin or cooler skin tone. So I let it go. After all I have a gazillion neutral eye colors already. Yeah...until my friend who works in Sephora told me that The Naked 2 will be in before the new year. Arrghh! Didn't I say I had enough neutral colors already?? hahaha ok ok. Of course I went ahead and bought it! I was lucky again for the second time coz until now The Naked 2 has not been restocked ;)

Casing : sleek more durable tin case which reminds me of my school pencil case (love that btw). Bigger mirror compared to the original palette.
Colour configuration : cool taupe, silvery and cool brown shades
Texture : shimmery/ soft glittery/ satin/ metallic and matte
Quality : great soft texture and very pigmented (new formula)
Verdict : Great buy although I think this palette has less darker colour selection as compared to the first one. More medium tones.

Now, remember what I said how the colours in Naked 2 was said to be better suited for cooler skin tones? Well I beg to differ. I must say the colours do compliment yellowish tanned skin tones. So here is the thing, I always believe that you go and check out the colours yourself and not just based it from another person's review. In my case, I plunged into it, which is not something that I would recommend anyone to do. However, in my defense, I have the knowledge of mixing colours to make the colours work for my skin tone since I have a gazillion colours stashed away in my storage :). For newbies in makeup please please go to the counter to swatch the colours... better still ask the Beauty Advisor to put the colours on you.

All in all I love both palettes. I have no regrets or complains about the colour selection or the casing for that matter. I honestly think that everyone should have at least one of the palette for everyday wear.

No swatches this time around ladies so sorry about that but you may google them as these two palettes are the most talked about palettes in the makeup world.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Stay healthy and beautiful ladies. Muah

Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Season's Craze - Nude Makeup Palettes Pt.1

Hello my lovelies! Time for another Makeup Talk :) my favorite!

Have you noticed that since the launch of Urban Decay Naked Palette somewhere in July 2010, almost every big makeup brands came out with their own version of the Nude Palette. Suddenly the Au Natural look is back ..with a twist. No more the boring matte browns and beige and taupes. Urban Decay has created a phenomenon and brought Nude makeup to another level. Neutral colors came in different textures with unique shades - with shimmer, glitter, pearly and metallic making wearing neutrals exciting again... Ok ladies this is not about UD's naked Palette haha.. I will review that another day.

I am going to talk about an 'under the radar' palette; the Nude'tude by The Balm. When I first caught a few glimpses of the palette online, I sort of thought... I probably have plenty of shadows that look like that. This isn't something I really need ( hehe do we actually need all the other makeup palettes in our collection? I guess not :p ). But, as a girl who live up to her name of a Makeup Junkie, I just have to go and see it for myself. First got hold of the real thing at Selective Sasa 1 Utama last Christmas 2011.

I Saw, I Swatched and I Fell in Love with it. However, the outlet didn't have stocks for the palette so I didn't get my hands on it till recently. It retails at RM115. Bought to on 15% discount so it came to less then RM100. Frankly, I have not really been thinking about this particular palette until I saw it again because it went out of stock for some time. Well here it is ..

As you can see the packaging it slick and slim; can be easily slipped into your bag and carry it around. The details of the packaging is lovely. If you familiar with Urban Decay Naked palette, this Nude'tude is slimmer I must say by 3-5 cm and weighs lighter. Now, the colors ... personally I think this palette gives you nicer range of colors as compared to Naked original and Naked 2; from white, soft gold, pink to taupe and black. The formulation of the shadows are great; soft to the touch and gives you great color payoff. It carries 12 wonderful colors as I will show you below. Please note that I swatch the colors straight from the pan without primer so you can see the colors as it is.

The names of the colors are stated at the back of the palette. From left to right starting from the top row: Sassy, Stubborn, Selfish, Sophisticated, Sexy and Serious; Second Row: Snobby, Stand-offish, Sultry, Schitzo, Silly and Sleek. The color selection will flatter and compliment all skin color which is good. From experience I find it hard to find nice nude colors to suit us with South East Asian skin which can be a bit on the yellowish tan side.

Having said all that, I have been using this palette everyday since I got it. The staying power is great. I do wear a primer before I put on the color as I have the tendency to get oily on the lid especially with the weather being so hot here in the tropics. I love this palette and I honestly feel this palette gives more value for money as compared to The Naked palette (RM179) not only in terms of the price but also the range of colors lined up in this palette. It is also much slimmer and lighter to carry around in your bag. The shadow pan is smaller however, ...let's face the don't need that much of color in terms of grams (especially if you are like me who has tones of palettes! ;P I swear it will take me a life time to finish all!) .

I hope this review will help you to decide if this palette is for you. Again this is based on my personal opinion. I suggest you go and swatch the colors yourself and see how they turn out on your skin.

Thanks for dropping by my blog lovelies. Stay beautiful!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Revlon Lip Butters - My new lip saver!

Hello again lovelies. This time I am reviewing a product that I have recently tried and enjoyed. I saw this on Youtube and immediately wished that it will come to Malaysia soon. Well I didn't have to wait that long until it hit Watson. It is the Revlon Lip Butter.

It was a bit of a disappointment when I first saw them on display simply because they have a whole lot more colors available overseas. Anyway, I bought one color first just to see of I would like the formula. I bought the Sugar Plum first thinking that it would be a 'safe' color.

Now, before I go into the color and formula, I would just like to draw your attention to the packaging of the product. It is held in a plastic casing presented in a crisscross detail;giving it a sophisticated chic look to carry around in your beauty bag.

After trying it on ... hmm I got to say that I fell in love with it. Basically Revlon Lip Butter is a tinted balm. However what it is in actual fact is literally a saturated lipstick. It is so moisturizing yet so pigmented. I was pleasantly surprised at how the color shows up on my lips. Having said that, I could feel the goodness of the product when by the end of the day my lips did not chap. I have dry lips you see because I have the tendency to forget to drink my water :). Therefore this Lip Butter is a lip saver! No more putting on lip balm before applying lipstick.

Of course I have gone ahead and bought two more colors ahaks! These are the swatches and I hope it will give you an idea of how it will show up on you.

You see how saturated and pigmented they are? The colors from the left: Sugar Plum, Brown Sugar and Macaroon. Lovely colors ladies and look at how they shine as if you have put on lip gloss on top. So for those of you who have the tendency to have dry lips and made worse by drying lipsticks, you would love the Lip Butter.

Have fun trying them out and stay healthy and beautiful!

P/S My reviews are base on what I honestly feel about them and have no affiliation to any of the brand products I am reviewing.

My Recent Love

Hello Lovelies, I have time today and what better day to write a post on something that I have recently discovered.
I have always been a fan of padded bras AND push up bras .. well come to think of it who doesn't? However, don't you find those padded bras and heaven help us, those glorious push up bras are ...err how should I put this... painful to wear? Well I do. So as much as I always wear them for obvious reasons, I never really really love them as much as I 'tolerated' them. They stab at you literally on your sides if it is an ill fitted one. I tell you ... I have those moments.
Until recently, and thanks to my best buddy, I tried Victoria's Secret Demi Bra. I am telling you I swear I could hear the angels singing the moment I put them on! No joke! They are just the most comfortable pair of bras I have ever owned. Thank God I bought two of them. :D
That's all for now. Ciao!