My Recent Love

Hello Lovelies, I have time today and what better day to write a post on something that I have recently discovered.
I have always been a fan of padded bras AND push up bras .. well come to think of it who doesn't? However, don't you find those padded bras and heaven help us, those glorious push up bras are ...err how should I put this... painful to wear? Well I do. So as much as I always wear them for obvious reasons, I never really really love them as much as I 'tolerated' them. They stab at you literally on your sides if it is an ill fitted one. I tell you ... I have those moments.
Until recently, and thanks to my best buddy, I tried Victoria's Secret Demi Bra. I am telling you I swear I could hear the angels singing the moment I put them on! No joke! They are just the most comfortable pair of bras I have ever owned. Thank God I bought two of them. :D
That's all for now. Ciao!


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