Revlon Lip Butters - My new lip saver!

Hello again lovelies. This time I am reviewing a product that I have recently tried and enjoyed. I saw this on Youtube and immediately wished that it will come to Malaysia soon. Well I didn't have to wait that long until it hit Watson. It is the Revlon Lip Butter.

It was a bit of a disappointment when I first saw them on display simply because they have a whole lot more colors available overseas. Anyway, I bought one color first just to see of I would like the formula. I bought the Sugar Plum first thinking that it would be a 'safe' color.

Now, before I go into the color and formula, I would just like to draw your attention to the packaging of the product. It is held in a plastic casing presented in a crisscross detail;giving it a sophisticated chic look to carry around in your beauty bag.

After trying it on ... hmm I got to say that I fell in love with it. Basically Revlon Lip Butter is a tinted balm. However what it is in actual fact is literally a saturated lipstick. It is so moisturizing yet so pigmented. I was pleasantly surprised at how the color shows up on my lips. Having said that, I could feel the goodness of the product when by the end of the day my lips did not chap. I have dry lips you see because I have the tendency to forget to drink my water :). Therefore this Lip Butter is a lip saver! No more putting on lip balm before applying lipstick.

Of course I have gone ahead and bought two more colors ahaks! These are the swatches and I hope it will give you an idea of how it will show up on you.

You see how saturated and pigmented they are? The colors from the left: Sugar Plum, Brown Sugar and Macaroon. Lovely colors ladies and look at how they shine as if you have put on lip gloss on top. So for those of you who have the tendency to have dry lips and made worse by drying lipsticks, you would love the Lip Butter.

Have fun trying them out and stay healthy and beautiful!

P/S My reviews are base on what I honestly feel about them and have no affiliation to any of the brand products I am reviewing.


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