Saturday, 14 April 2012

Loving Lipsticks from Simplysiti

Hi again my lovelies. It's a beautiful morning and I thought I just want to jot this mini review on one of my long standing favorite lipstick from a local brand called Simplysiti. A bit of background before we go to the review: Simplysiti was founded by Malaysia's number one singer the lovely Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. An amazing singer from a humble beginning. Her talent, sheer hardwork and consistency has propelled her to stardom, marking her entertainment career with countless awards and I must say is already a Legend.

She started her own skincare and makeup line under the brand name Simplysiti about a year or so ago I can't really remember and her product was and still a hit among Malaysian who are looking for quality but affordable skincare and cosmetics. Her full beauty line can be found at all Watson and Guardian. Recently she has launched her perfume line targeting middle income group. More to come of that I am sure.

Ok let's go to my favorite part; the review. When I bought these lipsticks I had a hard time getting the colours that I want due to their availability. It was about the time when she launched her product line. Her product was flying off the shelf. I had to go to 3 different Watson to get my hands on the colour of my choice. By the way, she has named her lipsticks after her hit singles :). So yes I was hunting for Ku Mahu. That was apparently a hit colour, but I only manage to get that after I bought Purnama Merindu (as a consolation ).

Apart from the beautiful colour pay off, what surprises me the most was the quality of the lipstick. For something that gives great colour pay off, her lipsticks are very moisturizing.  The Lipstick formula contains Jojoba oil and Vitamin C to care for your lips. For the record I have relatively dry lips. When wearing Simplysiti lipstick I never have to wear my lip balm. Her lipsticks are that saturated.

Here is what the packaging looks like and the swatches from the two colours that I have from her collection

Sleek packaging

from left to right: Ku Mahu (creme sheen) and

Purnama Merindu (frosted - giving a volumnizing effect)

The Season's Craze - Nude Makeup Palettes Pt.2, Urban Decay Naked Palette

Hello again lovelies

It has been a while since my last entry. This should have been up since last week but procrastination got the better of me hehehe.. Anyways, this is Part 2 of my Nude Makeup Palettes edition. This time featuring the palette that started the whole craze ..Urban Decay Naked palette and how lucky plus dramatic I was when I got it/them hehe.. Oh and I will also be talking about the sister palette Naked 2. Might as right? Here they are:

The Urban Decay Naked Palette was and perhaps still is the most talked about palette since its launch in August or September 2010. I remember how it was the most desired palette worldwide that year AND the year after. I was pretty sure when Urban Decay team sat down to put the palette together they did not expect that it will LITERALLY fly off the shelf. That was the issue many people ran into. It went out of stock for months, so much so that they had to reproduce the palette with an accompanying shadow brush instead of the dual end eyeliner in Zero and Bourbon (I would have loved to have the dual ended liner) because I presume it will be faster to produce that instead of the liner. Well, regardless, that batch flew off the shelves of many cosmetic outlets where they sell this. It took a year for the palette to finally reach Malaysia thanks to Sephora! Even so, Sephora only carried 200 pieces for the first launch much to the disappointment of many Malaysian Makeup junky like me.

I, on the other hand was very lucky. That faithful day, I had an appointment with a client of mine. Honestly, I made a promise that day that I will be a good girl and not walk into Sephora ( I parked my car at Pavilion). I literally walked across the street and went passed Sephora without even a side glance. I was very proud of myself. :) However, when I walked back to pavilion ...lo and behold .. I was in full view of the Urban Decay shelf and there it was .. The Naked Palette! I was practically running to it and I am almost sure I didn't look all that glamorous running in heels! But there it was. I couldn't believe my eyes. I got hold of it, still unbelieving and clutched it to my chest... Yeah..yeah call me drama queen but that was the truth. The BA told me that's one of the last 3. How lucky was I?? VERY.

Anyway, this is the palette that drove junkies like me crazy.. :D

Ain't it a beauty? I fell in love with it all over again. I mean there is nothing like looking at it in person as oppose to looking at it online. I actually have given up all hope to ever own this. It was like a dream came true for me. Little bit of description down here:
Casing : sleek velvety case with magnetic closure
Colour configuration : warm nude, brown and bronzy shades
Texture : shimmery/ soft glittery/ satin/ metallic and matte
Quality : great texture and very pigmented
Verdict : Great buy great colour selection

Then you think this is going to be it right? Nope. Urban Decay had to release another "naked" palette and this time it is The Naked 2. As uncreative a name that is, the palette was something else. Again it created the excitement worldwide for makeup addict alike. I went "here we go again". The lady at Sephora KLCC said it will take about a year for it to arrive Malaysia. Needless to say I watched the reviews done by makeup gurus that I follow online and almost everyone said that if you have the first one you won't need the second one. Plus, the colour configuration is more for those with fair skin or cooler skin tone. So I let it go. After all I have a gazillion neutral eye colors already. Yeah...until my friend who works in Sephora told me that The Naked 2 will be in before the new year. Arrghh! Didn't I say I had enough neutral colors already?? hahaha ok ok. Of course I went ahead and bought it! I was lucky again for the second time coz until now The Naked 2 has not been restocked ;)

Casing : sleek more durable tin case which reminds me of my school pencil case (love that btw). Bigger mirror compared to the original palette.
Colour configuration : cool taupe, silvery and cool brown shades
Texture : shimmery/ soft glittery/ satin/ metallic and matte
Quality : great soft texture and very pigmented (new formula)
Verdict : Great buy although I think this palette has less darker colour selection as compared to the first one. More medium tones.

Now, remember what I said how the colours in Naked 2 was said to be better suited for cooler skin tones? Well I beg to differ. I must say the colours do compliment yellowish tanned skin tones. So here is the thing, I always believe that you go and check out the colours yourself and not just based it from another person's review. In my case, I plunged into it, which is not something that I would recommend anyone to do. However, in my defense, I have the knowledge of mixing colours to make the colours work for my skin tone since I have a gazillion colours stashed away in my storage :). For newbies in makeup please please go to the counter to swatch the colours... better still ask the Beauty Advisor to put the colours on you.

All in all I love both palettes. I have no regrets or complains about the colour selection or the casing for that matter. I honestly think that everyone should have at least one of the palette for everyday wear.

No swatches this time around ladies so sorry about that but you may google them as these two palettes are the most talked about palettes in the makeup world.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Stay healthy and beautiful ladies. Muah

Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Season's Craze - Nude Makeup Palettes Pt.1

Hello my lovelies! Time for another Makeup Talk :) my favorite!

Have you noticed that since the launch of Urban Decay Naked Palette somewhere in July 2010, almost every big makeup brands came out with their own version of the Nude Palette. Suddenly the Au Natural look is back ..with a twist. No more the boring matte browns and beige and taupes. Urban Decay has created a phenomenon and brought Nude makeup to another level. Neutral colors came in different textures with unique shades - with shimmer, glitter, pearly and metallic making wearing neutrals exciting again... Ok ladies this is not about UD's naked Palette haha.. I will review that another day.

I am going to talk about an 'under the radar' palette; the Nude'tude by The Balm. When I first caught a few glimpses of the palette online, I sort of thought... I probably have plenty of shadows that look like that. This isn't something I really need ( hehe do we actually need all the other makeup palettes in our collection? I guess not :p ). But, as a girl who live up to her name of a Makeup Junkie, I just have to go and see it for myself. First got hold of the real thing at Selective Sasa 1 Utama last Christmas 2011.

I Saw, I Swatched and I Fell in Love with it. However, the outlet didn't have stocks for the palette so I didn't get my hands on it till recently. It retails at RM115. Bought to on 15% discount so it came to less then RM100. Frankly, I have not really been thinking about this particular palette until I saw it again because it went out of stock for some time. Well here it is ..

As you can see the packaging it slick and slim; can be easily slipped into your bag and carry it around. The details of the packaging is lovely. If you familiar with Urban Decay Naked palette, this Nude'tude is slimmer I must say by 3-5 cm and weighs lighter. Now, the colors ... personally I think this palette gives you nicer range of colors as compared to Naked original and Naked 2; from white, soft gold, pink to taupe and black. The formulation of the shadows are great; soft to the touch and gives you great color payoff. It carries 12 wonderful colors as I will show you below. Please note that I swatch the colors straight from the pan without primer so you can see the colors as it is.

The names of the colors are stated at the back of the palette. From left to right starting from the top row: Sassy, Stubborn, Selfish, Sophisticated, Sexy and Serious; Second Row: Snobby, Stand-offish, Sultry, Schitzo, Silly and Sleek. The color selection will flatter and compliment all skin color which is good. From experience I find it hard to find nice nude colors to suit us with South East Asian skin which can be a bit on the yellowish tan side.

Having said all that, I have been using this palette everyday since I got it. The staying power is great. I do wear a primer before I put on the color as I have the tendency to get oily on the lid especially with the weather being so hot here in the tropics. I love this palette and I honestly feel this palette gives more value for money as compared to The Naked palette (RM179) not only in terms of the price but also the range of colors lined up in this palette. It is also much slimmer and lighter to carry around in your bag. The shadow pan is smaller however, ...let's face the don't need that much of color in terms of grams (especially if you are like me who has tones of palettes! ;P I swear it will take me a life time to finish all!) .

I hope this review will help you to decide if this palette is for you. Again this is based on my personal opinion. I suggest you go and swatch the colors yourself and see how they turn out on your skin.

Thanks for dropping by my blog lovelies. Stay beautiful!