The Season's Craze - Nude Makeup Palettes Pt.1

Hello my lovelies! Time for another Makeup Talk :) my favorite!

Have you noticed that since the launch of Urban Decay Naked Palette somewhere in July 2010, almost every big makeup brands came out with their own version of the Nude Palette. Suddenly the Au Natural look is back ..with a twist. No more the boring matte browns and beige and taupes. Urban Decay has created a phenomenon and brought Nude makeup to another level. Neutral colors came in different textures with unique shades - with shimmer, glitter, pearly and metallic making wearing neutrals exciting again... Ok ladies this is not about UD's naked Palette haha.. I will review that another day.

I am going to talk about an 'under the radar' palette; the Nude'tude by The Balm. When I first caught a few glimpses of the palette online, I sort of thought... I probably have plenty of shadows that look like that. This isn't something I really need ( hehe do we actually need all the other makeup palettes in our collection? I guess not :p ). But, as a girl who live up to her name of a Makeup Junkie, I just have to go and see it for myself. First got hold of the real thing at Selective Sasa 1 Utama last Christmas 2011.

I Saw, I Swatched and I Fell in Love with it. However, the outlet didn't have stocks for the palette so I didn't get my hands on it till recently. It retails at RM115. Bought to on 15% discount so it came to less then RM100. Frankly, I have not really been thinking about this particular palette until I saw it again because it went out of stock for some time. Well here it is ..

As you can see the packaging it slick and slim; can be easily slipped into your bag and carry it around. The details of the packaging is lovely. If you familiar with Urban Decay Naked palette, this Nude'tude is slimmer I must say by 3-5 cm and weighs lighter. Now, the colors ... personally I think this palette gives you nicer range of colors as compared to Naked original and Naked 2; from white, soft gold, pink to taupe and black. The formulation of the shadows are great; soft to the touch and gives you great color payoff. It carries 12 wonderful colors as I will show you below. Please note that I swatch the colors straight from the pan without primer so you can see the colors as it is.

The names of the colors are stated at the back of the palette. From left to right starting from the top row: Sassy, Stubborn, Selfish, Sophisticated, Sexy and Serious; Second Row: Snobby, Stand-offish, Sultry, Schitzo, Silly and Sleek. The color selection will flatter and compliment all skin color which is good. From experience I find it hard to find nice nude colors to suit us with South East Asian skin which can be a bit on the yellowish tan side.

Having said all that, I have been using this palette everyday since I got it. The staying power is great. I do wear a primer before I put on the color as I have the tendency to get oily on the lid especially with the weather being so hot here in the tropics. I love this palette and I honestly feel this palette gives more value for money as compared to The Naked palette (RM179) not only in terms of the price but also the range of colors lined up in this palette. It is also much slimmer and lighter to carry around in your bag. The shadow pan is smaller however, ...let's face the don't need that much of color in terms of grams (especially if you are like me who has tones of palettes! ;P I swear it will take me a life time to finish all!) .

I hope this review will help you to decide if this palette is for you. Again this is based on my personal opinion. I suggest you go and swatch the colors yourself and see how they turn out on your skin.

Thanks for dropping by my blog lovelies. Stay beautiful!


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