Simplysiti Gold Edition Shading Blush

Hello lovelies!

It has been a while since I last posted anything on my blog. Anyway, today I want to talk about / review an item that I am beginning to love so much and that is the Simplysiti Contouring/Shading Blush set.

FYI shading or contouring is a technique used by makeup artist around the world to accentuate the features. People always keep talking about Kim Kardashian's beautifully sculpted cheeks and all that stuff and believe me the contouring and all does enhanced her already beautiful features. Our local makeup artist uses the very same technique on ALL our Malaysian artist...It's a matter of having it looked natural or overdone that's all :D

I bought this shading blusher set about a year ago but never gotten around to use it. Reason? Plain lazy. However, recently I have been following a makeup artist from UK who absolutely love to do contouring. I am telling you, learning the technique makes it easier to do this BUT it needs practice because if you don't then you will end up looking dirty in the face....not nice at all.

One thing about Simplysiti shading blush it that the shading colour does not look sooo intimidating as the ones used by Makeup Artist. That is why I love it so much. I mean in my classes we use super dark colour. It has to be so, because if you use a light contouring colour then it will not show up on camera. This Simplysiti one is meant for your everyday makeup. Here is the blusher palette:

As you can see it has a peach colour blush and somewhat brown shader/contouring colour. The peach blusher looks soft on the pan but once you put it on your cheek it can look a bit over powering so you only need a tiny bit of colour. I would normally just dab my blusher brush just once on the colour and that would be enough for one side of the cheek. Sweep it over the apples of your cheeks (where you cheek bone is). The brown shader colour gives you just the right amount of colour to contour. This shader is to be applied at the hollows of your cheeks. The diagram below will show you where those areas are:

Ok this diagram is more for those makeup artist. These are the areas that a makeup artist would usually highlight or shade/contour. For everyday contouring, you only need to 'shade' the hollows of you cheeks as shown above, with the Brown shade from Simplisity Shading Blusher set. Hollows of your cheek means just below you cheek bone. The area ABOVE the shaded area is where you should put your Peach blush, where your cheek bone is. Easy? hehe it is easy.

The KEY here is to not over do it. Believe me you will look weird and so unnatural if you put on too much blusher colour and shading colour. So please... :D. Overall, I would rate Simplisity Shading  Blusher set as 8/10. The colours are well pigmented and the shader colour looks natural enough if you don't over do it. I just wish that they have came up with a Pink set too. I forgot how much this set cost. You can still find this Gold Edition in Watsons and Guardian.

Do check out JLo and Kim Kardashian for the perfect blusher-contoured look to recreate. You won't see those horrible clownish pink blush on their faces.

Anyway just for fun, I would like to share with you my contouring palette that I use for doing makeup on my clients hihi. You will see how dark the contour shade is. Scaaaaaryyy buuut it is for the camera my dearies. This palette has 3 highlighting powders, 1 shader powder and 2 blusher powders.

I hope this entry helps you in some ways. :D Till next post... stay healthy and happy.


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