Friday, 13 December 2013

Lennox Firm Up Plus+ Bright Changed My Life

Collagen drinks are certainly a-go-to health or beauty drink for ladies these days. Every year you will see new brands coming up with their version of Collagen drink promising smoother, firmer,  radiant, for some fair glowing skin. Lennox is one of those many brands filling up the shelves or floors (because the bottles or boxes are too big for the shelves) of local pharmacies here.

I never give these drinks a second glance until about a year and a half before. :) I have to warn you that this is quite a long entry because this is something that is close to my heart :p

I have always suffered with acne since I was 15. I have bumps all over my face. 3 years ago I started to have adult acne and especially along the jaw line. I have hideous acne scares and I used to wear a lot of makeup to cover those scars. My skin was oily so you can imagine how my makeup will look like by noon. It was not something that I would like to remember honestly.

I have tried so many beauty products and have spent so much on facial packages and beauty products ... yet my skin is still not good. In May 2012, my sister brought me to see a beauty advisor at Sa Sa. This lady is a friend of hers and as soon as she saw me she quickly took pity ( erhmm .. she still sold me products worth more than MYR500 ya despite having pity lol).

She advised me to start drinking this Lennox Firm Up+. She said it will help to detox my body and taking care of my skin from the inside is always a better option. I was sceptical at this point of time because I have spent money on these ind of stuff too i.e.. Grape Seed Oil, Flex Seed to name a few.

After giving it much thought ( I took a month to think this over ), what do I have to lose anyway as my skin is already bad as it is. Bought my first set of Lennox. Price? MYR145 for 25 bottles 50ml collagen drink. I bought the upgraded one with the whitening essence, OPC & Co Q10 powder mix. For first time user you have to consume 1 bottle daily for the next 10 days at night before you sleep. After that it is 1 bottle every 2-3 days.

Mini 50ml collagen drink in a big momma bottle container

The collagen drink and the whitening plus powder 

My findings:
1. I don't feel tired. I felt energetic and no aching pains in my body.
2. My skin cleared up! My acne dried up
3. It didn't make me fair which is fine because I was not in for that to begin with so that was not an
4. By the 10th day skin was smooth to the touch ( as in no more bumps! ) and my acne scars fading.
5. My pores were not the least bit minimised but that's perfectly ok!

Words cannot express how I feel when I touch my skin. I have forgotten how it feels to not have bumps on my face. The last 3 days of the 10-day detox period was a very emotioal time for me. I could only thank that lady for recommending me this drink and my sister for insisting that I should pay the lady in Sa Sa a visit.

Makeup application was so easy after that and I don't look messy and sloppy anymore. It gave me confidence and enjoyment of putting on makeup.

I continued on with the second set and stopped after that. Please note that I didn't buy the Lennox at Sa Sa. Bought it at Guardian a month after the recommendation and the lady there told me you can't stop taking the drink or it will reverse whatever good it has done for me. WRONG. It didn't. I stopped taking it a good 8 months and my skin while not perfect, as I do get my occasional 1-2 breakout, it still maintains the acne free skin. I have only recently started to take it again last November. I will let my pictures do the talking ;)

Now my before pictures:

My after picture:

My picture after 8 months:

My sister who has flawless skin recently was plagued with hormonal acne around her jaw line. I recommended her to take Lennox as her Kinohimitsu was not working. Guess what? It worked for her too.

So for those of you who are suffering from acne skin please do give this a shot. After all, I am sure you have spent so much on beauty products already that does not seem to work.

Read more about Lennox by clicking here .

If you have similar experience I would love to hear from you. Leave your comments below.

Have a great weekend!

Garnier Aqua Defense Moisturizing Cleansing Foam Review

Hi again

This is the second of the Garnier Aqua Defense product review. If you have read my experience with my dry skin condition, you would know of my suspicion that my cleanser was one of the reason for my skin dryness. 

On a recent work trip to Medan, I roomed with a buddy who, being a bit more mature than I am had issues with her cleansers too. Foam cleansers makes her already dry skin dryer until she found Garnier Aqua Defense Moisturizing Cleansing Foam. She, of course, after hearing my plight urged me to try and try I did. 

I was amazed to find that my skin did not feel tight or dry. In fact it feels moisturized and comfortable. In love with it instantly. It has the same smell as the Aqua Defense Non-Stop Intensive Hydrating Essence  light and fresh. It lathers up into a creamy light foam as the name suggest but I find that its lather is not as I would say 'thick' as other cleansing foams I have tried in the past.

My skin does feel clean minus the uncomfortably squeaky tight skin I normally experience with other type of foaming cleansers. So double thumbs up! 

I would recommend anyone with normal to dry skin (particularly dry skin) to give this a try. I am not sure about those with oily to combination skin though. I guess it would depends if you skin is oily and dehydrated at the same time. That usually happens if you use to much of oil control products. So if your skin is of that condition, perhaps this will be a good 3-times-a-week-cleanser thing :). 

It is priced at MYR10.90 only. I bought mine for less than that with the year end discounts. I use this in combination with the hydrating essence and so far my skin has not seen those horrible dry patches I suffered from more than a week ago. Having said that, I do use sparingly on my T-zone because I do not want to tempt it into getting greasy because the hydrating essence is really hydrating so less on the T-zone and more on the cheeks ;D

 If you have tried this cleanser please share with me your experience in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you. 

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Garnier Aqua Defense - Non-Stop Intensive Hydrating Essence Review

Hello there

Lately my skin was experiencing massive dryness especially on my forehead and cheeks. Yaiks right?! At my age, dry skin is not good!

There could be two possible reason for this other than my water consumption:
1. My cleanser is too harsh for my skin condition at this moment
2. My moisturiser is not moisturising enough.

Acting on my first hunch,  I went on a mild gentle cleanser hunt.That was 3 weeks ago. Ended with two cleansers (thought my current cleanser acted up on me) .. tested one at a time and my skin is still dry and taut feeling. Now I know that it may not be my cleanser. It is my moisturizer. Went through all my different moisturisers but none worked.

Met a friend for lunch one day and she told me that swears by Garnier Aqua Defense and that I should give it a go. I did.. cost me only MYR17.91 as Watsons was having sales. Original price is MYR19.90. God knows I have passed by this item on the shelf many many times and didn't even care about it til now.

The Aqua defense is a light green gel packaged in a tub like all Garnier moisturisers. It has a light fresh smell and when you smooth the gel over your skin it gives a cooling sensation for about 5 seconds. I was not convinced with its potency since gel type moisturisers (in this case the hydrating essence) are usually meant for acne prone, oily to combination skin. But man! I was wrong.

Not only did it worked on my dryness, it made my skin looking fresh and healthy. To think that I was about to spend my money on a MYR300 moisturizer from Clarins! Geez! My skin tautness gone, dry flaky skin gone! And the price was awesome!

Product features:

  • Locks in moisture all day and builds hydrating barrier to defend skin hydration level
  • Formula is enhanced with Glacier Water (for hydration) and Green & White Tea extract (for its antioxidant properties)

Needless to say I was beyond happy. For those of you who are experiencing similar skin issues as I do.. please give this product a go. For a 50ml product that cost less than MYR20  I think this is phenomenal.

Fun Fact:

  • Garnier Aqua Defense Non-Stop Intensive Hydrating Essence comes in different names in other countries i.e. In the USA it is known as Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-cream. In Australia its equvelant is Garnier Youthful Radiance ( Functions a bit different than the ones found here in Malaysia )

Let me know if you have tried it and share your experience in the comment box below.

Love and belief!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Urban Decay Naked 3


Yes gorgeous ladies and makeup junkies alike. Urban Decay has announced the coming of Naked 3.  When exactly we don't know and for us Malaysian babes ... We have to wait a bit longer for the palette to arrive at Sephora. 

Naked 3 features more romantic rosy pinks and mauves. Warmer, more red-toned colours which I think will be great compliment to the first two palettes and the naked basics. 

The naked 3 has landed on the laps of some beauty bloggers in the US so you can check the swatches on their blogs. I find that has the full swatches of naked 3 and the comparison swatches with naked 1 & 2 so do click on the link. 


I don't know about you but I am very excited about the naked 3. I hope it will hit the shelf before Christmas as it will be a wonderful gift for makeup junkies out there (hint2 all makeup junkies partners :p). Price will be around MYR 189. 

Are you as excited as I am? Please leave your comments down below as I would love to hear from you! 

Stay beautiful you all!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Product Review : theBalm's Voyage

Yeay! This palette came in early to Malaysia after its launch in the US. The product arrived at Sasa about 2 weeks or so and they have stocks. Great news for theBalm lovers out there. Check out the packaging .. there are so cute! It has little classic post cards like images that makes this palette even more adorable.

It is a pretty large palette and I believe that this is their largest palette produced by theBalm. Having said that, it is so flat, compact and light because of the cardboard packaging  Check out the comparison to the Meet Matt(e) Nude :

Priced at RM175 the palette carries 16 eye shadows ( 4 matte and 12 shimmery/metallic ) and 3 lip and cheek stains. Like the Balm Jovi palette, this one is sectioned by two flaps that separates the powder to the cream products so that the powder products does not get into your cream ones. Ingenious! Don't you just hate it when you cream products have eye shadow flakes in it? I know I do.

Ok let us see the inside. I got a kick out of the passport mirror section on the inside flap because they are just so pretty. It is like having your face on a passport get what I mean? Take a look :

You get a good deal out of this palette as the shadows are large in size comparable to the Meet Matt(e) Nude ones. What is also cute about them is the colours are numbered like the seats on an aircraft. 

As you can see most of the colours are neutrals except for the ones on the 3rd row which has some fun pop colours to enhance the other neutral colours. All the colours are new except for B3 which is close to Matte Abdul in Meet Matt(e) Nude palette. Super wearable colours for day and night and for all occasion. the quality of the eye shadows are impeccable; soft and buttery.

Now check out the lip and cheek stains. They have good colour payoff, they last and (I totally love this) they are named after those people who fly the aircraft :D. First Officer somehow has more pigmentation compared to the other two.

The lower flap that houses the lip and cheek stains has colour combo suggestion which I thought is great so it could give you some ideas of what colours would go best together. Again it was presented in the cutest of ways.. like a boarding pass :D

For RM175, I think it is worth the buy. If you are travelling with this or need to bring it to the office, all you need is you powder foundation, eye liner ( if you don't want to use the dark colour here as liner ), mascara and eye brow pencil the you are good to go. 

Hope you enjoy the pictures and the review. For a fun video on this palette do check out the video below: 

Daily Nuggets :
  • Loving my scented candles in vanilla cream
  • Weather is rainy today so it is great to be indoors and enjoy my favourite sitcom :D

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Product Review : Stila In The Light Eyeshadow Palette

This is an easy to miss this palette what with the introduction of Urban Decay's legendary Naked and Naked 2 craze plus other numerous brands getting into the bandwagon.

Stila is of no exception. Priced attractively at RM 126, this palette comes in a cardboard packaging with a nice sized mirror, 10 gorgeous eye colours ranging from creams to bronze gold to rose gold to gun mental to matte black; including Stila's best seller Kitten. It also comes with a smudge stick waterproof eye liner in Damsel, a beautiful dark brown colour that goes lovely with any colour combo in the palette.

I practically ignored this palette when it first came to Sephora however after watching a review on YouTube, I thought I will give the palette a go. I am glad I did :) because I found myself to be reaching for this palette more than my Urban Decay palettes ( if you read my other entries you would know that I have both of the Nakeds and the basics *wink ). This is simply because this palette offers me, while keeping to its nude theme, more colour range compared to my Nakeds. With 4 matte colours which are great for highlight ( Bare ), transition colour ( Bliss ), outer V/ liner ( Sandstone and Ebony ). The other are of satin/metallic finish ( Kitten, Sunset and Bubbly ) and soft sparkly finish ( Gilded Gold, Luster and Night Sky ).

Another thing that I love about the shadows is that I don't experience any fall offs which great as I hate having glitters on my face. So two thumbs up for that Stila. The eye liner is love very much as it glides smoothly and effortlessly on the lids which is awesome as that minimises tugging on the skin.

  • Would I recommend this to a friend? Definitely 
  • Would I repurchase this? Yes
  1. It is light and compact
  2. Great colour range which can take you from day makeup to night makeup for all occasion 
  3. Soft buttery formula 
  4. No fall offs 
  5. Comes with a full sized eye liner
  6. Nice sized mirror
  7. Has 4 matte colours which is awesomeğŸŽ¶
  8. Priced at RM126 - a great deal for an awesome palette
  1. Because it is made of cardboard it is easy for mirror to break which was what happened to mine :( despite carrying it in my handbag while travelling ).
Top row left to right : Bare, Kitten, Bliss, Sunset and Sandstone
Bottom row left to right ; Bubbly, Gilded Gold, Luster, Night Sky and Ebony
Smudge stick waterproof eye liner in Damsel

I love this palette to bits. If you have budget for only one high end neutral palette than I would recommend you to buy this. Till my next post, stay healthy and beautiful :D

Daily Nuggets:
  • Down with flu, cough and at times feverish so drinking lots of liquids
  • It feels good to love someone :) and be loved in return
  • Have to finish the painting I started which is close to the finished..hmm I am wonder if my delay is to prolong the eminent ending of the project 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Review : theBalm Instain Long Wearing Staining Powder Blush

Woohoo! theBalm Instain has arrived at Sasa near you. Just in about 2 weeks ago. Sasa carries 4 colours out of the 6 produced by the company. But hey, I am not complaining. It retails at RM72, however, in conjunction with Sasa's International Beauty Fair, these babies are going at RM65.

The 4 colours made available are:
Argyle            : Soft Petal Pink
Swiss Dot        : Pure Peach. Can come across as orangy.
Toile                  : Peachy Pink
Houndstooth   : Mauvy Pink

For my medium skin colour I chose Toile. It is a gorgeous perfect peachy pink colour and personally I think is most versatile for most skin colour for us South East Asian babes.

For those who are not familiar with this product, Instain is a long wearing staining powder blush. It is not like your traditional powder blush as it has a noticable staining quality. The product does cling and stain your skin. So a little goes a long way. They have so much saturated pigment therefore the colour turn out depends on how you apply the product to your cheeks. Apply with a light hand and you will get a beautiful natural flush on the cheeks. Apply with a heavy hand then you will get a strong pop of colour.  Be warned : The colour is so concentrated so you can't go overboard with this less you will end up looking like a clown or an actress in chinese opera.

The blush comes in a lovely cardboard packaging like the cover of a magazine. They also have a magnatic closure and a good size mirror.

What I like about Instain?
The colour payoff and staying power. A little goes a long way. Like I said earlier apply with a light hand. I also like the cute packaging *wink

Colour selection?
I think Sasa has brought in colours that are suitable for Malaysian or most South East Asian girls who has warm yellowish skintone. Argyle and Swiss Dot are suitable for the fair skined. Toile, which is my favourite, is a versatile colour. I love how it shows up on my cheeks! And last but not least, Houndstooth is more suitable for our darker skined sisters.

Would you recommend this to your friends?
Yes! If you can only buy one blush, I would strongly recommend for you buy this. It will last you a long time.

Now for pictures!

Lovely cardboard magazine-like packaging with magnatic closure.

See how beautiful that is. It may look scary in the pan but trust me it doesn't go on your cheeks that intense if you apply with a light hand.
Err... ignore the pores :p

See how natural it looks? And this is after a day long. I am loving it! Lipstick worn is In The Nude by IN2IT

Hope this review is helpful :). Stay beautiful and healthy ladies!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

NARS Cosmetics is coming to Kuala Lumpur!

Logo taken from NARS official website

I can't believe I missed the buzz! Yes you read it right NARS is coming to Kuala Lumpur. They will launch their first stand alone store at Pavillion this November. Oh this is so going to be my self given birthday present come November. 

This, I would say, is the biggest news to hit the local beauty scene since Sephora launched its first store at Starhill Kuala Lumpur. I can almost imagine Malaysian babes lining up on its official opening day to get their hands on their most wanted products from this brand.

Personally, I am electrified with the thought of finally owning some of their coveted products ; foundation/concealer and blushes.

I first came to know about this brand when watching a beauty documentary four or five years ago. The documentary spoke of how their foundations and concealers being Hollywood celebrity makeup artists Holy Grail; being suitable for coloured women etc. Here is an official video of its Creamy Concealer on youtube:

Then much later on I heard the buzz about their blush called Orgasm. It was the most talked about blush on youtube. Dug further I noticed that the brand is known to have provocative names for their product Deep Throat (blush) , Sex Machine (lip pencil) , Adult Content (face palette) and Striptease (lip gloss). : p

Speaking of product names, it is good to know that NARS Malaysia (multiple bronzer) and Kuala Lumpur (eye shadow duo) is finally home to where they belong :). 

Photo taken from

All in all, I am most excited to check out their foundations and concealers. Other than that I must say I am curious to finally get to try on the Orgasm blush to see if it is what people have been raving about.. get what I mean?

Finally, I was told that the prices are going to be higher than MAC but lower than those luxurious brands like Chanel and Guerlain. Boohoo :' ( I have expected that but can't help but feel sad all the same. Well at least now we can go and try the products for ourselves and not have to gamble and order products through a friend or personal shopper .. right? Right : ) That way we won't end up with pricey product only to find out that it is not to your liking.

What is your most anticipated product from NARS? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Review : Too Faced Boudoir Eye Shadow Collection Palette

Hey y'all

Ok this is seriously a very long overdue review of this palette. Sorry ladies. The good news is the palette is available in all Sephora stores in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

When Too Faced launched this eye shadow collection I was hoping againts hope that Sephora Malaysia will carry this in store. And they do! Yeay! I don't really remember how much this one cost me but I am very sure that is it below MYR150.

The palette comes in this adorable tin casing that is so classic (love that) and small enough to carry around with you in your hangbag. I hope they won't discontinue this collection because it is just awesome.

I can't possibly tell you how much I love this palette. The colours put together in this collection are all user-friendly shades and you can't go wrong with any combination, honestly. They are the kind of colour combos that can bring you from day to night makeup - not too flashy so they are suitable for you to wear for work, yet can be smokey and sultry for evening makeup.

I just love the variety of finishes in this palette which has a good combination of Satin, Matte and Shimmer. The shadows are of great quality and the texture is so smooth. They also give excellent colour payoff - Too Faced are known for that ; ).

The palette has nine eye colours as you can see and is sectioned into three combinations ( from the top row) ie. Day, Classic and Fashion. My personal favourite is the Top row - love that sultry purple colour  Voulez-vous the most. The Bottom row is a close second.

I think every girl should have this palette. You will not regret buying this, that I can guarantee you. It also comes with their signature how-to Glamour Guide with three looks using the three colour sections. :D

Four of the colours are from their permanent line and the other five are new shades created just for this collection:
Permanent colour line : In The Buff, Satin Sheets, Birthday Suits and Lap Dance
New Shades : Fuzzy Handcuffs, Voulez-vous, Sugar Walls, Garter Belt and French Tickler
Click here for a closer look at the shadow colour on Too Faced website.

The only (possible) downside of this palette is that it doesn't come with a mirror. Personally I am ok with that but some girls just love their palettes with mirrors so just know that this one doesn't come with one ya.

I am not swatching this palette in this post, however, I am posting a video review by dkycutie78 of this so you can watch it live.

Ok ladies till my next post, stay beautiful and healthy!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Review: IN2IT Waterproof Gel Eyeliners

Hi lovelies

Hunting for that great budge proof liners can be a long process of trial and error. I have my fair share believe me. From high end to low end, you name it I have them. 

Until recently I stumble into IN2IT waterproof gel eyeliner, a German based product sold in most pharmacy. I have tried their liquid felt tip pen before and was so disappointed with the product. BUT this gel liner is a whole new game altogether. 

I was so amazed of the quality of the gel liner. The product goes on smoothly on the eye that there is no need to tug at the skin for it to define your eyes beautifully. 

I bought the pencil type as they have ran out of the retractable one in Very Black. It is one of the blackest liner I have in my collection. This can be a dupe for Urban Decay's Perversion. 

The best part is it didn't smudge on me even in high humidity climate! Swatched it at the back of my hand, gave it a few second, and tried rubbing it off. Did it budge? No sir! I LOVE IT! 

Price : RM24.90
Payoff : 10/10
Texture : 10/10 very smooth it glides effortlessly! 
Staying power : 10/10 
Will I buy it again : YES!
Will I recommend this to my friends : Double YES!
Dupe : Urban Decay Perversion

That's all for now girls. It's time for pictures! Muah

Monday, 19 August 2013

Product Update : theBalm - Meet Matt(e) Nude is restocked at Sasa

Dear Beautiful ladies out there,

This is a quick product update on theBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette. Sasa has restocked this item so go and get this gorgeous baby ASAP.

Hurry before it runs out ..AGAIN..

See you all!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Review : Ronasutra Mineral Make Up Line

Hello Gorgeous

I am back with another review of a product line that I have tried and tested for the past 8 months. I have recently bought a haul from this brand, replenishing my empty ones plus getting more stuff from the line.  My haul cost me RM150 with Raya promotion.

I thought it is a perfect time to share with you my review on the product especially when it is a repurchased by me because ... I am a MAJOR make up junkie and it is very... and I mean it is veeeery rare for me to repurchase something since I am always trying out new brands. If I do then it means that I absolutely love it and it has worked for me.

By the way you can purchase this online at My Beauty Ministry.

I first came across this brand in one of the Malay magazines and I was very fortunate to been able to find the product in my local pharmacy in my area.

I first tried the Ronasutra 2-in-1 Mineral Foundation. Not knowing what colour to pick, I decided to buy the '5 colour set' which retails at RM58 that has Cream Peach, Sawo Yellow, Natural Buff, Honey and Mocha.


  • All their products are made of 100% mineral natural minerals. Crushed and finely milled to protect, treat and beautify your complexion
  • These products uses only 5 ingredients ie. Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Boron Nitride, Yellow Iron Oxide (CI 77491) and Red Iron Oxide (CI 77492)
  • Free from talc, oil, synthetic ingredients, alcohol, animal extracts, preservatives and fragrances
  • Free from blue pigments commonly used in other cosmetics that give beautiful asian skin the ashen, greyish look
  • Make up that you can sleep in! because of its chemical free formula and non-comedogenic properties. No talk remember? That's the culprit behind clogged pores!
  • Helps reduce acne and soothe inflamation.
  • Provides high UV cover of SPF35
  • Last for 16 hours. It wont melt, oxidise or change colour


  • I love how the colour just blends into my skin. I don't look like I am wearing foundation. It looks like my natural skin but far better. Thanks to the formulation of not having blue pigments in it. No more ashen looking skin.
  • It last all day and when come cleaning time, it cleanses of easily without leaving a trace when I use my toner. I didn't change my cleansing routine. Love that!
  • I have combination skin. The product helps keep my oily prone T-zone in checked.
  • I don't have to do touch ups! 
  • I have enlarged pores. This product doesn't make my pores look bigger ... you know how some products just enhances the look of your pores be it liquid or powder.
  • It is so easy to apply and not as messy as using liquid foundation.

My recent haul: 

Ronasutra had a booth at the Curve so I went by and bought their Raya promo ( as shown in the picture above ). RM150 includes:
  • 1 Ronasutra 2-in-1foundation and my colour is Natural Buff
  • 1 Ronasutra 2-in-1 Mineral Base and concealer. My colour is Sawo Yellow.
  • 1 Ronasutra Mineral Cheek Colour in Cool Pink
  • 1 Ronasutra Kabuki Retractable Brush
  • 2 Ronasutra NBR Sponge

Now you might noticed that my base is not of the same colour as my foundation. Apparently, this combination gives me an Au Naturale look that I love. It also works vice versa (my foundation being Sawo Yellow and my base being Natural Buff). 

This is my first time trying the cheek colour and I am loving it so far. A little goes a long way.

My 2-in-1 mineral foundation in Natural Buff 8g

My Cheek colour in Cool Pink 3g and Mineral Base in Sawo Yellow 3g

 I strongly recommend you to try out this brand's product line. Absolutely amazing! No breakouts, no clogged pores, easy to clean, last all day, great colour match, safe ... I can go on and on!

This is coming from a person who used to wear Bare Minerals ok, so it says a lot about this product. Having said that, I will be doing a product smackdown between Ronasutra and Bare Minerals ;))  

Go and give this brand a go. Visit this Facebook page called My Beauty Ministry to purchase this online. They also sell other makeup brands and all that good stuff. So check them out.

Thank me later .. which I am sure you will. 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

theBalm - Meet Matt(e) Nude at Sasa near you

Hey babes

This will be a super quick product announcement. The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude has finally reached Malaysia at Sasa near you. The gorgeous palette is running out fast so hurry and visit your favourite Sasa store. It retails at RM155 with 9 beautiful nude colours.

One thing to note is that the size of each shadow colour is double the size of their normal palette pan ( if you are familiar with palettes from theBalm ). The palette also put together a nice, if not perfect, combination of both warm and cool nudes which is great!

When I got mine there was only one more palette left at Sasa Selective 1 Utama. Get what I mean??!

Hope you will get your palette before it ran out. Till my next post girls! Muah. Here is a YouTube video link talking about this palette. I hope you would enjoy it because I do : D

Monday, 10 June 2013

Review : Rachel K CC Cream

Hello gorgeous babes

I am back after a very long break with a product review.

Yes, it used to be BB Cream but now I see CC Cream is fast flooding cosmetic counters here in Malaysia. Anyway I got my hands on this Rachel K CC Cream 4 months ago. I needed to give the CC Cream a bit of a run before I review it because I was also testing other creams ( BB creams and gel BB creams - which I will be giving my review soon). I mean hey ... a girl only has only test one product at a time :p I wish I could try on all at the same time!

I heard about this CC Cream after watching Miss Universe and heard the buzz online. Curious, I hunted for the cream and found it at my local Guardian Pharmacy at Ikano Power Centre, Mutiara Damansara. I bought this tube for RM49 and it is made in Korea. Please note that not all Guardian carry this brand.  They carry two colours in two different tube colours ; black and pink. The black one is for our fair skin with pink undertone babes, while the pink tube is for babes with medium to olive skin with yellow or neutral undertone, like me :D.

A bit about CC Cream - CC stands for Colour Control or for some Colour Correcting. They claim that CC cream is a much more refined and improved BB cream. It functions pretty much the same as BB cream but the main difference is the CC Cream helps address uneven skintone. Meaning to say CC Cream delivers more cosmetic-like coverage BUT with lighter texture. They also claim that the formula is extremely easy to blend and offers smooth and even-toned base that looks like a second skin.

Excited I went home and swatched it and this is the result:

Pretty impressive huh?

What I love about it?
The formula is amazingly light and because of its lightness it blends so easily. The cream has a lovely light scent which I don't mind at all. While it is moisturizing, it is also mattifying .. better than most BB creams that I have tried. It also makes my skin looked radiant. I have gone out with this alone and not top it with powder and my skin looked great all the same! LOOOOVE!

What I love about the product the most is the colour. I feel that the cream adapts to your skin colour, far better than that of BB Cream. I find that BB creams in the market are ashy looking when put on medium or darker skintone. Not flattering at all.  THIS cream, however, blends in almost perfectly to my skintone as you can see from the pictures above :D

How to use it?
Dot product on your temple, cheeks and chin. then blend the product by dabbing it to the skin. I have, however, smooth the product (instead of dabbing because it takes such a long time to cover my facial area) and it turned our perfect nonetheless. So... do what suits you best. This whole dabbing thing takes up time and I am very impatient.

Would I recommend this product to my friends?  
Yes! Definitely! I would even give this as birthday presents to my peeps.

Would I buy it again?
Yes yes yes!

Would you choose this over BB Cream?

My wish 
I wish this amazing product is made available in more pharmacies.

Who would benefit from this product?
1. Babes who do not fancy wearing face powder of their faces,
2. Babes who want to have au-natural look but still looked made up and radiant without layering
    multiple products to achieve that look,
3. Babes with uneven skintones
4. Babes with combi-oily skin type.

That's it babes, hope this review helps you when making your purchase. Stay beautiful and healthy!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Review: Etude House Darling + Repairing Gel Cream

Good day be -YOU-tiful people

Back again with another review and it is the Etude House Darling + Repairing Gel Cream. It also states here on top of the box 'Wrinkle Care + Whitening Multi Effects' so they have some good stuff going on there.

This is a special gift set that comes with a 50ml jar of Darling+Repair Gel Cream, two mini tubes of the accompanying Darling BB cream and also a spatula. This box set is priced at MYR239. I, however, got this at a 40% discount during its Chinese New Year Sale. I have heard that Etude House is currently (at this point of writing) having a buy 1 free 1 sale and other promotions. Good stuff so do head down to your nearest Etude House store.

The Darling Gel Cream is also known as the Snail Cream by ladies at the store :). Yes sir this gel cream contains snail mucin that helps to restore strength and structure of damaged skin. This gel cream, being in gel form, supplies nutrients deep into the skin with fast absorption. It also claims to provide instant relief and moist to fatigue skin.

The store assistant told me that this product has 73.2% of snail mucin and the rest are made of Spirulina Plantensis Extract. The sheer peachy colour gel cream glides on smoothly on the skin and does not leave sticky feeling to the skin.

I have been using this product for a month now and my skin is loving it. My skin is so smooth and it is fast healing whatever pimple scars that I have been trying to get rid of for quite sometime. The Darling BB Cream is a nice addition to my skincare routine. It does make my skin feels ultra smooth upon applying it as compared to my other BB creams. Using the combination of the two product has made my complexion much much healthier. I only get a tiny amount of oil on my T-zone area and it is not even noticeable! My makeup stays longer and fresh the whole day without having to do touch up on mid day.

This product combo is amazing on oily to combination skin .. that much I can say. The most important thing is they work. For a person who has been fighting adult acne and oil slick skin all her life (it seems).. not to mention acne scars, this is a blessing.

Since using the product, I can now go out of the house without having to put on my compact powder if I want to and mind you I have done that many times two weeks into using the product. I don't worry about oily T-zone anymore or the oh-so-obvious-uneven skin tone. All that is in the past!

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has oily to combination skin. Yes.. it is a bit too pricey it may seem but... to all my combination-acne-prone-skin sisters out there.. it will save you a lot of trouble in looking for the right repairing-non oily moisturiser for your skin ( in which you will end up spending more and throwing out the ones that did not work on you ).

Take it from me.

Have a great day everyone!

Fresh Desire Handmade Soap

Hello amazing ladies

Phew! A lot has been going on and finally I get to sit and blog again. Aaaaanyway, I have recently acquire the love for handmade soaps simply because they are not drying to the skin as your usual bath products, that you can easily find on the shelves in many stores out there, do.

I was on a working trip in Penang and whilst browsing around the stores at Gurney Plaza I stumbled upon the cutest shop ever and being the curious person I am, I had to stop and see what's the cuteness all about. Take a look at this:

                                        Picture taken from Fresh Desire's Facebook Page (one is not 
                                                               allowed to take pictures of shops at the Mall)

Yeah it looked like a bakery supply shop and at the same time has these colourful concoction in bottles ... so I walked in. I was not prepared to see soaps shaped in the most adorable donuts and cookies ever ok. I mean they have Chocolate Sprinkled Donuts and Chocolate Chip Cookies, even soaps shaped in beautiful yummy cakes! Bottles of multi coloured shower gels lined the shelves, bath bombs in baskets, body creams, bath salt and the works. Overwhelmed.. is the word to describe my feeling at that moment.. Like a child in a candy store I went and looked at everything and asked a lot of questions. I was lucky that I was attended by a wonderful shop assistant who gladly walked me through everything and let me try on their wonderful products.

Ok enough said! Fresh Desire claims that their handmade and natural soaps are especially formulated using only safe and truly natural ingredients that are ethically sourced globally. They do not believe in the usage of solvent, harmful synthetic chemicals, preservatives or petroleum products. Their soaps are crafted using slow cold pressed method in order to preserve the goodness of the all natural ingredients used. You can read about them at their website here though I do think that the site is still under construction so there are certain pages that are still blank.

I finally settled on two handmade soaps that smell wonderful - Fruit Cocktail and Honey. The Fruit Cocktail even has orange pulp in it! I of course have not opened the Honey soap bar.

These bars are priced at MYR19.00 each. I have been using my Fruit Cocktail for about  a week now and my skin feels moisturized; not dry at all. My bathroom now smells of the soap and I look forward to each bath. It does leave your skin a hint of the smell but very subtle - not as strong as conventional soaps. I guess it is because it is made of natural oil.

What I like about the soaps?
They smell so good and they don't make my skin dry after using it like the usual soaps in the market. I love that they are made using all natural ingredients that are safe for my skin.

Would I purchase them again?
Most definitely! It is a bit pricey for a bar soap but you know what they say ... you pay a bit more but your skin will thank you for it. Plus I feel good after every shower. No tight feeling on the skin.

Would I recommend Fresh Desire to my friends?
Yes I will strongly recommend Fresh Desire to my friends and you readers.

What I like about the store?
Apart from all the goodies sold, their shop assistants are the best! Excellent customer service, very engaging and sincere in giving their professional advice. They make your shopping experience so wonderful! I can't help but compare them to most beauty shop assistants out there who only give you half hearted information or service. These ladies at Fresh Desire went out of the way to make me feel comfortable and welcomed not knowing whether I would buy their products or not. Two thumbs up for the ladies at Gurney Plaza.

The downside of it?
Fresh Desire is only found in Penang at two locations - Gurney Plaza and Strait Quay. They do not have an online store as of now ... I did try on the website and they have a shopping cart and all but they are not fully up and operating at this point in time. So the only way for you to get these lovely bath stuff is for you to drive up to Penang or ask a friend or relatives staying in Penang to buy and ship to you. :(

My hope?
I hope they plan to branch out to other states in Malaysia. I also hope that they will start running their online store at full capacity soon.

Good news is ... I will be going up to Penang again in May yeahey!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Revlon New PhotoReady BB Cream

Hey girls

I am back with another announcement. Revlon's new PhotoReady BB Cream Is now out at you favourite Watsons or Guardian near you. At Watsons it is now sold at an introductory price of MYR38.90.

This PhotoReady BB Cream is a skin perfector with SPF 30. This product comes in 3 shades ; Light, Light/Medium and Medium.

Like all Beauty Balms, this product is lightweight and has multi benefits that combines skincare, makeup and sun protector all in one tube. This product claims to:
1. Hydrates like moisturiser
2. Smoothes like primer
3. Covers like foundation
4. Blurs flaws like concealer
5. Protects like sun block with SPF 30

I have tested this product *wink2 obviously and my first impression is:
1. It is as it claims to be lightweight though it doesn't dry as quick as Maybeline's Clear BB Cream
2. It does not seem to have that much of coverage as do all BB Creams in the market
3. It definitely feels like a tinted moisturiser so I am not convince with the whole 'cover' and 'blurs flaws' claim honestly. Just... don't put your hopes too high on those two claims ok :)
4. It is nice that they have 3 shades to choose from
5. I love the sleek silver coloured packaging with a tiny window that shows off the shade in the tube

So ladies, if you happen to run out on your BB Cream, or you are a makeup junkie like me and just want to try all the latest release :D, then you might want to try this and this advantage of the introductory price offer.

I would love to hear your comments so don't forget to share your experience with the product and write them in the comment section below.

Till my next post, you stay healthy and beautiful.

P/s: the weather here in Penang is perfect so far .. Not too hot and not rainy either.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Haul: MAC Archie's Girls

Hello gorgeous

Have you had the chance to drop by your favorite MAC store and grab your Archie's Girls limited items? Well I heard reports of many who were disappointed because they can't get their hands on them because each stores (particularly the ones out of Kuala Lumpur) on have between 8-10 units of each items.

I am currently in Penang so I definitely missed the launch in KL. Penang and other states have only started to put the collection on display yesterday. From what the consultant told me, about an hour ago, the collection is running out fast; considering how little stocks they received.

The picture above was taken from MAC at Gurney Plaza Penang and after looking and swatching everything (except the mascaras) I have decide to just have the Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner in Blue Patrol. Hahaha yeah surprise2. I was not too crazy over the rest of the collection. I bought Betty Bright and Daddy's Little Girl for my sister because her outlet had run out of everything.

Here is something about the Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner ... they glide like the Urban Decay Glide on 24/7 liner if you are familiar with it. So creamy and smooth. Love it.

So that's my purchase. You will receive and can of candy (the one in heart shape tin can) with all purchase think. That's all for now. Till my next post, stay Be-You-tiful!