My 6 Essential, Most Loved Brushes

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Other than my beloved makeup collection, my brushes are my babies. I can almost feel a panic rising in my chest with the thought of not having them :D really!

So these are my six essential most loved brushes that I use every single day in order from left to right .. err sorry in this case fanning from bottom top :p

1. Stipling brush    : ( Inglot 27TG ) This brush creates a beautiful air brush effect to the skin; can be used to apply liquid, powder and cream products. I use this brush primarily to apply my foundation as oppose to using a flat foundation brush. I just personally feel that this brush gives better application as in it does not leave streaks of foundation down on the skin.

2. Contour brush  : ( MAC 109 ) This brush is a dual purpose brush for me. Yes it is a contour brush perfect to do shading with but I also find that it is perfect for applying pressed powder or HD powder and even loose powder as well. I feel that it gives me better control than those big kabuki brush.

3. Blending brush : ( MAC 217 ) This is used to apply and blend powder or cream eye colours. It softens any harsh lines making the transition between colours seamless. I would use this to apply colours on the crease and blend the colour up to brow bone. I also use this to apply my highlight colour on to my brow bone. You can also use this to apply your concealer. 

4. Shading brush  : ( MAC 239 ) This flat shader brush is perfect for packing on colours onto your lid. I have other shading brushes but they have not come close to effect that this can create. The density of the bristle picks up colours easily and distribute it beautifully on the lid. Love this so much.

5. Smudge brush  : ( Bobbi Brown ) I use this brush as my precision brush to the outer 'V' on my eye. Great for (as the brush is called) smudging out eye liner or eye colour on the lower lid. The one I have is a travel size hence explains the length of the handle ^^.

6. Angle blush brush : ( Benefit ) I use this to apply my blush on my cheeks. Because it is angular on shape makes it easier to work on the cheeks. You can also use this to do contouring on the hollows of your cheeks, jawline and temple

These are my six essential brushes used for my daily make up routine. Now, it is always good to invest in these brushes so that your make up application looks beautiful if not professional. Ladies, other than skills and techniques, the tools / brushes used to apply your make up does determine the results of your make up application. 

Having said that, I also want to point out that these professional brushes are not cheap. I mean, the MAC brushes generally cost more then RM100 each. I didn't buy these brushes all at once. It took me a good one year or so to get all my brushes ( yes I have a full line of brushes). 

For those who are planning to purchase professional brushes I suggest you go and check out Inglot's as their brushes are as good as MAC's but cost only half or less than that of half the price of a MAC. 

Inglot stand alone stores can be found at Mid Valley Mega Mall and Sunway Pyramid. They also have a counter at Sogo KL. 

I hope this post is helpful. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to follow me ^^

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