Revlon Colorstay Foundation vs KATE Powderless Liquid for Cover

Hello you beautiful ladies out there

I have recently purchased these two products and will be doing a product smackdown - products are between Revlon a giant cosmetic brand and can be considered a house whole brand and KATE an emerging cosmetic brand here in Asia which is a subsidiary brand of Kanebo. Products are made in USA and Japan respectively.

I will be testing these two products for:
1. their staying power, living in a beautiful country Malaysia where it is hot and humid all year round,
2. to verify their product claims of being suitable for combination to oily skin in terms of oil control on T-zone etc, and
3. their coverage.

I have a medium tan skin tone so my color for Revlon is Early Tan, and as for KATE it is OC-G. In terms of colour selection I must say all stores carry limited colour range here in Malaysian which I believe there are more overseas. It is kind of disappointing especially for us ladies who are between medium to tan skin tone. I mean hey.. People down here are not fair and pale ok..geez.

On first look, the Revlon foundation colour range looked a bit grey for tan Asian skin except for Toast which is the darkest colour available in stores. The KATE ones has less 'grey' effect on the skin. Having said that I had to get their (KATE) darkest shade. ... I mean really it was a pain having to choose from such limited colour range. The other thing is the foundation bottle. KATE has a pump dispenser which is great. The Revlon one however does not have a dispenser so for the price of RM58.90 I personally think the foundation should have a dispenser.

Anyway, I will return with my verdict in two weeks time. These products are my own and not sponsored by any of these companies. Here is a photo of the two products: #Revlon #KATE

Read my verdict here :D


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