The Naked Basics is finally mine!!!!

Hello dear lovelies,

I know I know .. I did say I am not going to get it BUT it was given to me by my bestie ( thank you so much! *waving happily ). And here it is:

The casing is lovely; it feels like the casing of Vice palette. It is so sleek and compact therefore could easily fit into your makeup bag.

In my last post on this palette I gave you the dupes that was put together by Emily. However, after getting my hands on this baby and comparing it to my Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette, I found that there are some variation to the ones that she recommended. Here is my take on the dupes:

In order of the colours in the palette are:
1. Venus    : 3rd column, 2nd from top
2. Foxy      : 7th column, 1st from top
3. W.O.F   : 7th column, 2nd from top
4. Naked 2: 7th column, 5th from top (my variation)
5. Fainted  : 11th column, 6th from top (my variation)
6. Crave    : 3rd column, 1st from bottom

So there you have it. It is different hearing it from someone to actually having it yourself and be able to swatch and compare. The colours in this palette are more to cool tone nudes; just like their Naked 2. I would envisage that I have to add some warm browns to make this colour orientation work for me. 

Whatever it is I am absolutely overjoyed to recieve this that I actually shed my tears ... bliss :D. Crazy I know ;p but who cares!  It felt like Christmas!

I hope you ladies had a great day today like I did. Be nice to people ok and stay healthy.



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