Review : Revlon Colorstay Foundation vs KATE Powderless Liquid forCover

Haiya makeup geeks

After close to two weeks, I am back with the verdict of my product smackdown.

As I have said in my earlier blog click here I will be testing these two products for their staying power, verify their claims of being suitable for combi to oily skin and their coverage. I have also added what I wish the product could have. So here they are:

1. Revlon Colorstay Foundation ( retaiking at MYR58.90 )

  •  Staying power - 9/10. Their claim is 24 hours but logically people do not usually wear their makeup that long but anyways I wore mine for more than 8 hours and yes I did not have to touch up.
  • Verify claim - 9/10. After more than 8 hours I detected only a hint of oil on my T-zone area. It did not grease on me. It was amazing as I do get greasy on that area after an hour of applying makeup. 
  • Coverage - 9/10. It gives medium to full coverage. It made my skin looked flawless and I am not the type to slap on two layers of foundation. So with this one a little goes a long way. It does not feel cakey at all. It did not feel heavy as well so love the formula. It has a strong chemical smell though pretty mush like my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation.
  • My wish - More colour selection as we only have about 5-6 colours here in Malaysia. The colour I bought was a ted darker for my skintone but it is bearable. Wish they come with a dispenser for easy dispensing.
2. KATE Powderless Liquid for Cover ( retailing at MYR 74.90 )
  • Staying power - 9/10. This product did not claim to have a time frame for staying power so it came to me as a surprised to see that it stayed on very well after 8 hours. No touch up required.
  • Verify claim - 8/10. There was a slight feel of greasiness after the 6th hour. My T-zone area did feel a bit 'heavy' ( for lack of a better word ) and whenever I feel that way I would have this automatic reflex of blotting with a tissue. However, I did not have to touch up after dabbing.
  • Coverage -  9/10. It gives medium to full coverage. Smooth application and I love the way the liquid turns to an almost powder like feeling. It feels extremely light on the skin that I do not feel like I have any foundation on. I also like that they do not have that strong chemical smell.
  • My wish - Again more colour selection. they come in 4 colours here at Watsons so it was a pain. the colour I picked was too dark for me so you can imagine how frustrating that was for me during the testing period. So I guess I have to mix this with a lighter colour foundation to have my pefect match.
So there you have it. I guess you can pretty much decide which one to pick. I must say that these two foundation is perfect for us who live in a hot and humid climate country. Both comes with SPF so that is great. Personally I would pick Revlon 1. for the price, and 2. for the colour. It is just too much work to mix and match for KATE. Sad because I do like the KATE's formulation ( that liquid to powder thing ). 

:D Till my next post.. it is ciao for now.


  1. is it suitable if your always sweating?

    1. Hi Andrea, do you mean dripping sweat or normal bead sweat? I sweat easily (not dripping sweat kind though) and I find that it still stays on. The trick is not to wipe you face but dab. Similarly if your kind of sweat is the dripping one never wipe .. Always dab. Because of the texture of the foundation, they do still stay :) I hope this helps.

  2. My T-zone gets oily easily. I need to dab them with tissues almost every hour. Revlon sounds pretty good to me. Or is it?

  3. Hi Mitchelle

    Yes it is! :) do let me know if you try it ok

  4. i like kate but gets too oily on my face after a would just slip off or get patchy. but whenever i wear it people would really ask if i got my acne treated or that ive gotten suddenly pretty. guess it doesnt look like makeup. my dad and few other people compliment on my skin when i wear revlon but it feels disgusting cuz of the oil build up under the foundation.. cause my face is just oily.glad found ur blog.i live in malaysia, not much would do any reviews around here.. may i know what ur holy grail foundation is, the one actually stands malaysia weather ?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi 1Bestari074
      My current holy grail is Ronasutra powder foundation :). However this is medium coverage. For full coverage I use my Estée Lauder double wear foundation. It is a but pricey but it is fantastic. Please read my reviews on both product from the sidebar option ya. I hope the reviews will help you. Thank you for visiting and don't forget to follow my blog dear. Happy Nee Year 2014!


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