Cute Sanitary Pad Holder by Naraya

Hello lovelies,

You know that time of the month when you have to carry those sanitary pads in your purse and struggle to hide it under your blouse or lug your bag to the ladies to change?  Yup2 hate that.

Anyway all that has changed for me when I found this baby at Isetan 1 Utama ;D. Yes ladies it is the Sanitary Pad Holder.. tadaaaaa

It is a cute little purse like thing in a tri-fold design with a tiny little bow in front that holds 3 pads. It comes in 5-6 different colours and material. I got the one made from Linen as I feel it is sturdier (goodness knows why I need a sturdy one lol!).  The other material is Satin and comes in a criss-cross design (sorry I was not allowed to take photos in the store). Retails at MYR9.00

Now you can waltz into the ladies in style!

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