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Hello amazing ladies

Phew! A lot has been going on and finally I get to sit and blog again. Aaaaanyway, I have recently acquire the love for handmade soaps simply because they are not drying to the skin as your usual bath products, that you can easily find on the shelves in many stores out there, do.

I was on a working trip in Penang and whilst browsing around the stores at Gurney Plaza I stumbled upon the cutest shop ever and being the curious person I am, I had to stop and see what's the cuteness all about. Take a look at this:

                                        Picture taken from Fresh Desire's Facebook Page (one is not 
                                                               allowed to take pictures of shops at the Mall)

Yeah it looked like a bakery supply shop and at the same time has these colourful concoction in bottles ... so I walked in. I was not prepared to see soaps shaped in the most adorable donuts and cookies ever ok. I mean they have Chocolate Sprinkled Donuts and Chocolate Chip Cookies, even soaps shaped in beautiful yummy cakes! Bottles of multi coloured shower gels lined the shelves, bath bombs in baskets, body creams, bath salt and the works. Overwhelmed.. is the word to describe my feeling at that moment.. Like a child in a candy store I went and looked at everything and asked a lot of questions. I was lucky that I was attended by a wonderful shop assistant who gladly walked me through everything and let me try on their wonderful products.

Ok enough said! Fresh Desire claims that their handmade and natural soaps are especially formulated using only safe and truly natural ingredients that are ethically sourced globally. They do not believe in the usage of solvent, harmful synthetic chemicals, preservatives or petroleum products. Their soaps are crafted using slow cold pressed method in order to preserve the goodness of the all natural ingredients used. You can read about them at their website here though I do think that the site is still under construction so there are certain pages that are still blank.

I finally settled on two handmade soaps that smell wonderful - Fruit Cocktail and Honey. The Fruit Cocktail even has orange pulp in it! I of course have not opened the Honey soap bar.

These bars are priced at MYR19.00 each. I have been using my Fruit Cocktail for about  a week now and my skin feels moisturized; not dry at all. My bathroom now smells of the soap and I look forward to each bath. It does leave your skin a hint of the smell but very subtle - not as strong as conventional soaps. I guess it is because it is made of natural oil.

What I like about the soaps?
They smell so good and they don't make my skin dry after using it like the usual soaps in the market. I love that they are made using all natural ingredients that are safe for my skin.

Would I purchase them again?
Most definitely! It is a bit pricey for a bar soap but you know what they say ... you pay a bit more but your skin will thank you for it. Plus I feel good after every shower. No tight feeling on the skin.

Would I recommend Fresh Desire to my friends?
Yes I will strongly recommend Fresh Desire to my friends and you readers.

What I like about the store?
Apart from all the goodies sold, their shop assistants are the best! Excellent customer service, very engaging and sincere in giving their professional advice. They make your shopping experience so wonderful! I can't help but compare them to most beauty shop assistants out there who only give you half hearted information or service. These ladies at Fresh Desire went out of the way to make me feel comfortable and welcomed not knowing whether I would buy their products or not. Two thumbs up for the ladies at Gurney Plaza.

The downside of it?
Fresh Desire is only found in Penang at two locations - Gurney Plaza and Strait Quay. They do not have an online store as of now ... I did try on the website and they have a shopping cart and all but they are not fully up and operating at this point in time. So the only way for you to get these lovely bath stuff is for you to drive up to Penang or ask a friend or relatives staying in Penang to buy and ship to you. :(

My hope?
I hope they plan to branch out to other states in Malaysia. I also hope that they will start running their online store at full capacity soon.

Good news is ... I will be going up to Penang again in May yeahey!


  1. Hey Miss Diana ! I'm the wonderful shop assistant hahaha .. thanks for your kind word and enjoy our product! :) have a nice day!


  2. Hello Winnie ;) You deserve the compliment. Hope to see you again and thank you for the excellent customer service!

  3. I read the ingredient on their products. It contain SLS that is not so good according to consumer association of penang tat published booklet to educate consumer. U can buy d book frm popular. Or jz google the ingredients online n c for urself

    1. Thank you so much Pinkberry for informing me. I shall google it definitely! Thaks again for dropping my my blog

  4. Nothing "natural" about these can smell the synthetic fragrances before you even enter the store.


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