Review : Rachel K CC Cream

Hello gorgeous babes

I am back after a very long break with a product review.

Yes, it used to be BB Cream but now I see CC Cream is fast flooding cosmetic counters here in Malaysia. Anyway I got my hands on this Rachel K CC Cream 4 months ago. I needed to give the CC Cream a bit of a run before I review it because I was also testing other creams ( BB creams and gel BB creams - which I will be giving my review soon). I mean hey ... a girl only has only test one product at a time :p I wish I could try on all at the same time!

I heard about this CC Cream after watching Miss Universe and heard the buzz online. Curious, I hunted for the cream and found it at my local Guardian Pharmacy at Ikano Power Centre, Mutiara Damansara. I bought this tube for RM49 and it is made in Korea. Please note that not all Guardian carry this brand.  They carry two colours in two different tube colours ; black and pink. The black one is for our fair skin with pink undertone babes, while the pink tube is for babes with medium to olive skin with yellow or neutral undertone, like me :D.

A bit about CC Cream - CC stands for Colour Control or for some Colour Correcting. They claim that CC cream is a much more refined and improved BB cream. It functions pretty much the same as BB cream but the main difference is the CC Cream helps address uneven skintone. Meaning to say CC Cream delivers more cosmetic-like coverage BUT with lighter texture. They also claim that the formula is extremely easy to blend and offers smooth and even-toned base that looks like a second skin.

Excited I went home and swatched it and this is the result:

Pretty impressive huh?

What I love about it?
The formula is amazingly light and because of its lightness it blends so easily. The cream has a lovely light scent which I don't mind at all. While it is moisturizing, it is also mattifying .. better than most BB creams that I have tried. It also makes my skin looked radiant. I have gone out with this alone and not top it with powder and my skin looked great all the same! LOOOOVE!

What I love about the product the most is the colour. I feel that the cream adapts to your skin colour, far better than that of BB Cream. I find that BB creams in the market are ashy looking when put on medium or darker skintone. Not flattering at all.  THIS cream, however, blends in almost perfectly to my skintone as you can see from the pictures above :D

How to use it?
Dot product on your temple, cheeks and chin. then blend the product by dabbing it to the skin. I have, however, smooth the product (instead of dabbing because it takes such a long time to cover my facial area) and it turned our perfect nonetheless. So... do what suits you best. This whole dabbing thing takes up time and I am very impatient.

Would I recommend this product to my friends?  
Yes! Definitely! I would even give this as birthday presents to my peeps.

Would I buy it again?
Yes yes yes!

Would you choose this over BB Cream?

My wish 
I wish this amazing product is made available in more pharmacies.

Who would benefit from this product?
1. Babes who do not fancy wearing face powder of their faces,
2. Babes who want to have au-natural look but still looked made up and radiant without layering
    multiple products to achieve that look,
3. Babes with uneven skintones
4. Babes with combi-oily skin type.

That's it babes, hope this review helps you when making your purchase. Stay beautiful and healthy!


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