NARS Cosmetics is coming to Kuala Lumpur!

Logo taken from NARS official website

I can't believe I missed the buzz! Yes you read it right NARS is coming to Kuala Lumpur. They will launch their first stand alone store at Pavillion this November. Oh this is so going to be my self given birthday present come November. 

This, I would say, is the biggest news to hit the local beauty scene since Sephora launched its first store at Starhill Kuala Lumpur. I can almost imagine Malaysian babes lining up on its official opening day to get their hands on their most wanted products from this brand.

Personally, I am electrified with the thought of finally owning some of their coveted products ; foundation/concealer and blushes.

I first came to know about this brand when watching a beauty documentary four or five years ago. The documentary spoke of how their foundations and concealers being Hollywood celebrity makeup artists Holy Grail; being suitable for coloured women etc. Here is an official video of its Creamy Concealer on youtube:

Then much later on I heard the buzz about their blush called Orgasm. It was the most talked about blush on youtube. Dug further I noticed that the brand is known to have provocative names for their product Deep Throat (blush) , Sex Machine (lip pencil) , Adult Content (face palette) and Striptease (lip gloss). : p

Speaking of product names, it is good to know that NARS Malaysia (multiple bronzer) and Kuala Lumpur (eye shadow duo) is finally home to where they belong :). 

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All in all, I am most excited to check out their foundations and concealers. Other than that I must say I am curious to finally get to try on the Orgasm blush to see if it is what people have been raving about.. get what I mean?

Finally, I was told that the prices are going to be higher than MAC but lower than those luxurious brands like Chanel and Guerlain. Boohoo :' ( I have expected that but can't help but feel sad all the same. Well at least now we can go and try the products for ourselves and not have to gamble and order products through a friend or personal shopper .. right? Right : ) That way we won't end up with pricey product only to find out that it is not to your liking.

What is your most anticipated product from NARS? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful!


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