Product Review : Stila In The Light Eyeshadow Palette

This is an easy to miss this palette what with the introduction of Urban Decay's legendary Naked and Naked 2 craze plus other numerous brands getting into the bandwagon.

Stila is of no exception. Priced attractively at RM 126, this palette comes in a cardboard packaging with a nice sized mirror, 10 gorgeous eye colours ranging from creams to bronze gold to rose gold to gun mental to matte black; including Stila's best seller Kitten. It also comes with a smudge stick waterproof eye liner in Damsel, a beautiful dark brown colour that goes lovely with any colour combo in the palette.

I practically ignored this palette when it first came to Sephora however after watching a review on YouTube, I thought I will give the palette a go. I am glad I did :) because I found myself to be reaching for this palette more than my Urban Decay palettes ( if you read my other entries you would know that I have both of the Nakeds and the basics *wink ). This is simply because this palette offers me, while keeping to its nude theme, more colour range compared to my Nakeds. With 4 matte colours which are great for highlight ( Bare ), transition colour ( Bliss ), outer V/ liner ( Sandstone and Ebony ). The other are of satin/metallic finish ( Kitten, Sunset and Bubbly ) and soft sparkly finish ( Gilded Gold, Luster and Night Sky ).

Another thing that I love about the shadows is that I don't experience any fall offs which great as I hate having glitters on my face. So two thumbs up for that Stila. The eye liner is love very much as it glides smoothly and effortlessly on the lids which is awesome as that minimises tugging on the skin.

  • Would I recommend this to a friend? Definitely 
  • Would I repurchase this? Yes
  1. It is light and compact
  2. Great colour range which can take you from day makeup to night makeup for all occasion 
  3. Soft buttery formula 
  4. No fall offs 
  5. Comes with a full sized eye liner
  6. Nice sized mirror
  7. Has 4 matte colours which is awesomeğŸŽ¶
  8. Priced at RM126 - a great deal for an awesome palette
  1. Because it is made of cardboard it is easy for mirror to break which was what happened to mine :( despite carrying it in my handbag while travelling ).
Top row left to right : Bare, Kitten, Bliss, Sunset and Sandstone
Bottom row left to right ; Bubbly, Gilded Gold, Luster, Night Sky and Ebony
Smudge stick waterproof eye liner in Damsel

I love this palette to bits. If you have budget for only one high end neutral palette than I would recommend you to buy this. Till my next post, stay healthy and beautiful :D

Daily Nuggets:
  • Down with flu, cough and at times feverish so drinking lots of liquids
  • It feels good to love someone :) and be loved in return
  • Have to finish the painting I started which is close to the finished..hmm I am wonder if my delay is to prolong the eminent ending of the project 


  1. I'm gonna be having a Stila haul tomorrow and this is on the list!

  2. Really? Link your post to me, I would love to read it!


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