Lennox Firm Up Plus+ Bright Changed My Life

Collagen drinks are certainly a-go-to health or beauty drink for ladies these days. Every year you will see new brands coming up with their version of Collagen drink promising smoother, firmer,  radiant, for some fair glowing skin. Lennox is one of those many brands filling up the shelves or floors (because the bottles or boxes are too big for the shelves) of local pharmacies here.

I never give these drinks a second glance until about a year and a half before. :) I have to warn you that this is quite a long entry because this is something that is close to my heart :p

I have always suffered with acne since I was 15. I have bumps all over my face. 3 years ago I started to have adult acne and especially along the jaw line. I have hideous acne scares and I used to wear a lot of makeup to cover those scars. My skin was oily so you can imagine how my makeup will look like by noon. It was not something that I would like to remember honestly.

I have tried so many beauty products and have spent so much on facial packages and beauty products ... yet my skin is still not good. In May 2012, my sister brought me to see a beauty advisor at Sa Sa. This lady is a friend of hers and as soon as she saw me she quickly took pity ( erhmm .. she still sold me products worth more than MYR500 ya despite having pity lol).

She advised me to start drinking this Lennox Firm Up+. She said it will help to detox my body and taking care of my skin from the inside is always a better option. I was sceptical at this point of time because I have spent money on these ind of stuff too i.e.. Grape Seed Oil, Flex Seed to name a few.

After giving it much thought ( I took a month to think this over ), what do I have to lose anyway as my skin is already bad as it is. Bought my first set of Lennox. Price? MYR145 for 25 bottles 50ml collagen drink. I bought the upgraded one with the whitening essence, OPC & Co Q10 powder mix. For first time user you have to consume 1 bottle daily for the next 10 days at night before you sleep. After that it is 1 bottle every 2-3 days.

Mini 50ml collagen drink in a big momma bottle container

The collagen drink and the whitening plus powder 

My findings:
1. I don't feel tired. I felt energetic and no aching pains in my body.
2. My skin cleared up! My acne dried up
3. It didn't make me fair which is fine because I was not in for that to begin with so that was not an
4. By the 10th day skin was smooth to the touch ( as in no more bumps! ) and my acne scars fading.
5. My pores were not the least bit minimised but that's perfectly ok!

Words cannot express how I feel when I touch my skin. I have forgotten how it feels to not have bumps on my face. The last 3 days of the 10-day detox period was a very emotioal time for me. I could only thank that lady for recommending me this drink and my sister for insisting that I should pay the lady in Sa Sa a visit.

Makeup application was so easy after that and I don't look messy and sloppy anymore. It gave me confidence and enjoyment of putting on makeup.

I continued on with the second set and stopped after that. Please note that I didn't buy the Lennox at Sa Sa. Bought it at Guardian a month after the recommendation and the lady there told me you can't stop taking the drink or it will reverse whatever good it has done for me. WRONG. It didn't. I stopped taking it a good 8 months and my skin while not perfect, as I do get my occasional 1-2 breakout, it still maintains the acne free skin. I have only recently started to take it again last November. I will let my pictures do the talking ;)

Now my before pictures:

My after picture:

My picture after 8 months:

My sister who has flawless skin recently was plagued with hormonal acne around her jaw line. I recommended her to take Lennox as her Kinohimitsu was not working. Guess what? It worked for her too.

So for those of you who are suffering from acne skin please do give this a shot. After all, I am sure you have spent so much on beauty products already that does not seem to work.

Read more about Lennox by clicking here .

If you have similar experience I would love to hear from you. Leave your comments below.

Have a great weekend!


  1. good that you have managed to control your acne... the before and after pictures are amazing. If you are still consuming, my sis is selling off her stock because she is currently pregnant. Selling at RM90 for 25 bottles. She has a total of 3 bottles. Expiry Oct 2014. Do email bijin33@gmail.com if interested. Thanks !

  2. Wow. That's amazing. Thanks for the review. I'm currently consuming the Kinohimitsu J'pan Beauty Drink but gonna change to this afterwards :)

    1. I am glad that this review has helped you to make the decision to give Lennox a go. My sister did try the Kinohimitsu before I recommended her this and yes Lennox to her is more effective. Let me know the results once you have tried Lennox ya Nadira Naima


  3. NICE, Kinohimitsu Collagen Drink is no ordinary collagen drink. It comes with 5,300mg of Collagen Peptide specially designed for mature skin to restore youthfulness, resilience and radiance. For detail review visit:

    1. Which one is better? Kinohimitsu or firm up?

  4. I hope it will work on my face too

  5. Can i consume it every night even after 10 days?

  6. thats great ..how about linox inner d'tox .anyone has try this? i just bought it at guardian yesterday yet im not ready to drink it..hahaa

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hey ladies.. i have consumed kinohimitsu last year... omg .. my complexion shines n like applied glitters on my face.. i was 36 at that point.. many have guessed my age 20+++.. quite costly..just cant afford it all the time.. taking lennox forte now.. .enjoying glowing skin anyway..affordable...hahaha

  9. Hai, i have the same issue like yours. before, i used local product as my skincare and once i stopped used it, my face suddenly going to breakout. A lots of acne and pimples start to pop out. Especially at my cheek. I want to start drink lennox but i just wondering, do we need to drink it everyday until our skin become better or do we need to consume it forever?

  10. Hi sis can take when period time ..tdy is my first day I going to start drinking to night


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