My Birthday and Christmas Gift 2013 - Tarte, Nelissa Hilman, Sephora, MAC, In2It & Maybeline

My favourite time of the year has always revolved around the months of November and December because of all the gift giving and receiving activities. First of all, my birthday falls on the same date as my mum so it was a double celebration. Christmas 2013 was awesome because all of us were at home on Christmas day ( note that my sisters are in the service industry so festive seasons are always their busiest time of the year particularly year ends ).

Ok let's get on with my birthday presents first. The love of my life always gives me wonderful gifts for my birthday ( bless and love him ). Last year he gave me Tarte Treat Yourself To Gorgeous 28- piece Collection ( please note that this set was released at Sephora Malaysia last year. To the rest of the world, this collection was released at QVC in 2012 ) and a sweet C'est la Vie flats by Nelissa Hilman, a talented, successful new comer in the industry. Anyway, thank you Rizal for the gifts.  You know just what to give as always :D

Tarte Treat Yourself To Gorgeous 28 - piece Collection consist of 4 eye liners , 4 lip glosses and 20 eye shadows

The swatches.
I love this collection so much. The colour selection is so wearable and can easily be amp up for evening looks. The ingredients used are also great for the skin as they are all made without parabens and all other nonsense plus they are created with amazonian clay. It comes in 3 boxes to individually house the eye liners, lip glosses and eye shadows. The boxes are magnetised so you can stack the 2 smaller boxes on top of the big shadow box neatly and they won't budge.

Nelissa Hilman. Love the box!

My lovely C'est la Vie. 
Where do I begin to tell you about C'est la Vie.... these babies are so comfortable and sturdy if I may say so. An elegant design that is so feminine and suitable to be worn with jeans, leggings and dresses ( be it formal or informal ). Well crafted and at par with big international names in the industry. I can scale the mall with this! Kudos to Nelissa for crafting such beautiful and comfortable piece! This pair has literally replaced my Nine West flats! Can't wait to see more designs from her. Maybe more boots, wedges and heels? Do check out her line at

Next is from Sephora. The year before I received a full size body lotion and this year a cute paper bag  palette.

Now on for Chrismas gifts. My parents gave me cash money so I can shop for what I want. These are  from my sisters mmmuuuaaah! Thanks a bunch sistas! Love them gifts.

In2it lip colour and liquid eye liner, Maybeline Masterbrow (bought this on my own), MAC lip cremes

Swatches : In2it lip colour, MAC lip cremes, In2it liquid liner, Maybeline Masterbrow in Grey

Part of my birthday gifts came in voucher form from free brands which I am a member like Clarins, Melvita, L'Occitane etc.

All in all my 2013 ended with a blast! I hope yours ended the same or greater. I am grateful that I am surrounded with people who loves me and for their presence in my life. May 2014 be a wonderful for all of us. I love you.


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