Philosophy Skincare Is Now Available at Sephora Malaysia Near You!

At last, after a very long wait the skincare raved about by Oprah Winfrey has reached our Malaysian shores and is now available at Sephora.  Occupying one whole section, the brand did carry their essential product range like Purity Made Simple, Miracle Worker, Hope in a Jar, When Hope Is Not Enough and also included their fragrance and bath & body range. 

Their iconic cleanser Purity Made Simple is priced at MYR 85 ( 8 fl oz ) a one step cleanser that does it all. Their Hope In A Jar moisturizers are around MYR 130 ( if I remember it correctly, or else it would be MYR 155 ). Their When Hope Is Not Enough hydrating serum ( which is actually known in their official Philosophy website as Firming serum - I don't know why they have to change the label/name for South East Asia region ) is priced at MYR 155. 

I went into Sephora today to buy Tarte's amazing BB cream ( which I will do a separate review ). When I passed down the aisle where I saw the Philosophy brand I literally frozed with a dropped jaw hahahaha. I could have danced with joy if not for the throng of crowd in the store. I still have half a bottle of their Purity cleanser I bought last year online, so I picked up the Hydrating serum happy as a kid holding a lollipop. 

For the moment I didn't see any super sized edition of the skincare products. Their bath range is however, available in two sizes of 8 and 16 fl oz.

Overall I am quite happy with the range brought into Malaysia. I am a happy woman :D  if you can only spend on one item from this brand, put your money on Purity Made Simple cleanser. You won't need a makeup remover ever again. Squeacky clean face in just one wash. Amazing, amazing product.

Happy days! 


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