Sunday, 30 March 2014

Beauty School: How to make your lipstick last longer?

Hello there lovely ladies

I hope your weekend was a fun one. Today I am going to share with you a tip on how to make your lipstick last longer on your lips


First, you have to be in the habit of scrubbing your lips at least twice a week to get all the dead skin and lip product residue off your lips. You can do that by making your own lip scrub by mixing one part of sugar to one part of olive oil into a paste. There you have your very own lip scrub. the olive oil will help to moisturise your lips too.

Secondly, moisturise you lips with a good lip balm. Your lips deserve to be treated well after all the product that we use on our lips. I personally use the Melvita Honey Lip Balm ( MYR65). It is a treatment lip balm. It is so good that I never have chapped lips since I start using it. I always put on my lip balm right after I put on my moisturiser on my skin. This gives the product some time to absorb to my lips while I do my usual makeup routine.

Thirdly ( by this time you would have finish doing your whole makeup and the lip balm that you put on earlier would have set) start by lining your lips with your lip liner. After you have done that, fill in your lips with the same lip liner. This will give you a somewhat matte base for your lipstick to cling to.

Lastly, fill in your lips with the lipstick of your choice. Blot your lips once with a tissue and reapply your lipstick again. This will ensure that you have set your lipstick properly.

So there you have it. The key here is to exfoliate and treat your lips with a good lip balm. Then to fill in your lips with lip liner. Most people don't like to use lip liners but form my experience, using the lip liner as your base is better than using lip primer. Just my personal preference.

Ok ladies that is all for now. Do let me know if you once you have tried this trick by filling in the comment section below. Don't forget to follow my blog too

Stay healthy
xoxo Diane

Monday, 24 March 2014

Vibrance Guest Event : Vibrance Kegel Device and Kegel Exercise

Hello gorgeous ladies 

We have just celebrated International Women’s Day last week and I was grateful to be invited to an event by Vibrance powered by Bioinfinity with the theme A Day with VibranceIt took place at mYoga Mid Valley Gardens Mall on Saturday, March 8, 2014. It was great meeting the organisers and bloggers alike to exchange friendly moments and experience. It being my first event, I was esthetic. I have got to warn you that this might be a pretty long post so get comfy :D

The event started of with a morning yoga, which was led by bubbly yoga instructor Iris who teaches Women’s Yoga at the establishment. I like that she told us to keep our sense of humour when doing the poses because yoga is supposed to be helping the body to relax. And yes! It was a great session.

Awesome ladies doing the Tree Pose

We later sat through the Vibrance presentation and also had a lively motivational talk about self branding  by the Bling lady KD Ismalasari. There were prizes to be won and yes I did snag a one month mYoga membership yeaaaay! Awesome!

During the Vibrance presentation, we were introduced to Vibrance Kegel Device and Kegel Exercise. Now this was an eye opener for me.  Up until that day, I didn't know the existance of Pelvic Floor Muscle (PFM) in a woman’s body. The number of women having issues with their PFM is astounding, however it is not a topic that a woman would freely talk about even among their friends because it is an intimate issue. Let’s look into this a little more in depth, shall we?

Where is this PFM ? What are its function and why you should care about your PFM?

PFM is located at the base of your abdomen. It functions to:
  1. Maintain toned abdomen and support your spine to prevent back pain
  2. Control your urine flow, vaginal and also rectal openings
  3. Support the fetus during your pregnancy and is also the muscle used to push your baby out during childbirth
  4. Hold your bladder and uterus in their correct positions in order to prevent them from falling into the vaginal canal ( it is also called as organ prolapse ). Yaiks!
  5. Improve sexual satisfaction for you and your husband

What you need to know?
  • Pregnancy and childbirth often damage your PFM
  • Changes in hormone level during menopausal have loosening effect on the pelvic floor
  •  Low awareness among women with regards to PFM issue leads to neglect of strengthening this muscle. Oblivion is not bliss ladies na ah!

So what should you do if you suffer from weak PFM?
There is hope still. All it takes is for you to take action. The good news is you can do exercises to strenghten your PFM. It is called the Kegel Exercise.  

The visual below illustrates the benefit of doing Kegel exercise:

The thing about this exercise is that it is soooo easy to do it wrong. You might be contracting the wrong muscles and therefore will lead to no improvement to strengthening your PFM.

The Vibrance Kegel Device (VKD)
Ladies? Behold the solution ; a device that will lead you on your way to stronger PFM.

Device comes in a neat box

 Why use VKD?
  1.  It helps you to exercise your PFM by telling you that you are using the correct muscle through active biofeedback. The device will deliver a mild vibration when your PFM contracts. When it mildly vibrates, you know that you are doing it right and effectively doing your Kegel exercise.
  2. It challenges  & trains your PFM to be stronger by offering you increasing levels of  resistance. This is made possible by using interchangable calibrated sheaths with increasing stiffness.
  3. It has a pre-programmed audio-guided Kegel exercise routine. It beeps to ‘tell’ you when to contract and when to release. How cool is that?
  4. It is comfortable, safe and easy to use. Made from medical grade silicone rubber and is built for maximum comfort to ensure that it won’t damage or harm your PFM during exercise. It is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, waterproof and easy to clean.
  5. Best of all, it is compact, lightweight and easy to store (it comes in a capsule like compartment).

comes with 3 interchangable calibrated sheaths 

How much it the VKD? 
MYR 498

Where can I get my pretty little hands on this amazing device?
You can purchase VKD from selected SHINS outlet and also from Bioinfinity website. Click here  to order.

You can also check out their Facebook Page here for more information.

There you go ladies. That was how I spent my International Women’s Day this year. It was educational and I had fun meeting up with other bloggers. Most of all, I get to share this information with you. It was a day well spent.

Stay healthy and beautiful. Reach out when you need help.

Love and belief

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

My Favourite YouTube Guru Emilynoel83 Is Pregnant Yeay!

Hi dearies

Since 2008, I have been hooked to YouTube and spent countless hours watching beauty videos on weekends. Having watch so many videos from different Gurus I must say Emilynoel83 is one of my most favourite Youtube Guru.

She is so real and informative. She also replies to my questions or comments sent to her on twitter. She is just a lovely person and how I wish I have her as my friend. Being with her for more than 5 years now made me feel that I know her personally already. Isn't that crazy? hehe I would look forward to her new videos and wished she would load more videos.

She used to anchor for the morning news but now she is a full time YouTuber. And her husband? Gosh  Tyler is so supportive of her and that made her even more real to me. I love her relationship with her husband, they are great together. Emily, a tiny bubbly lady, and Tyler the sporting and sweet guy.

Yesterday in her latest video she and Tyler announced the coming of the baby into their lives. I cried happy tears! I know it is crazy but that is the kind of connection she builds with her viewers.

Taken from her blog

So this post is for my girl Emily. I love you and Tyler... I pray for all things great for both of you. Keep doing videos because hundreds of thousand people love you.

Here is the video that brought me to tears ;)

To connect with her, follow her on (This is a cut and paste from her blog) :

Happy days!

Monday, 17 March 2014

What's new from Urban Decay at Sephora Malaysia

Hey there gorgeous

Have you visited your local Sephora lately? I have and I am so excited to see new items on the Urban Decay display shelves.

New items on display

Yeay! Yes you see that right. The Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss is heeeere. I really love the formula. It is not tacky more like creamy to me and it feels so comfortable on my lips. These babies are a luxe balm and rich gloss in one. The product has ingredients that are good for your skin; Hyaluronic Filling Spheres, avocado oil, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C, shea butter and Rosehip seed oil to hydrate and condition your lips. You have 9 beautiful shades to choose from ( Liar, Naked, Lovechild, Beso, Freestyle, Nooner, Streak, Rule34 and Walk Of Shame ) and it is priced at MYR79. I have the one in Beso.

Next is the Ultra Definition Loose FInishing Powder. Ok that's a mouthful. But What it is actually, is very much like the Make Up Forever HD Finishing Powder, only this one has colours so it won't give us medium-to-tan goddess an ashy look ( at to my skin ). It is so light and silky. Dust this all over your face to set your makeup and cut out shine while giving you a luminous, sexy demi-matte Naked finish we South East Asian love so much. I have worn this on my T-zone and yes it does keep the shine away. It also blurs out flaws which is great! Most importantly, this product is free from paraben, alcohol and fragrances. This product comes in 5 shades and my colour is Naked Medium. The other four shades are Naked Light, Naked Medium Light, Naked Medium Dark and Naked Dark. Priced at MYR119, is a good size product yet compact enough to travel with. Love this!

Lastly ( and sorry I didn't capture it in my picture above so I will post a pic taken from the website instead ) are the Naked 24/7 Glide-On Double Ended Eye Pencil. If you don't know about these 24/7 Glide-On pencils, I am tellin' ya they really do glide on smoothly like a dream. It doesn't tug your delicate skin on your lash line. There are four combo to choose and there are named in correspond to the palettes they were inspired from; Naked Basics ( Venus+Crave ), Naked ( Zero+Whiskey ), Naked2 ( Perversion+Pistol ) and Naked3 ( Darkside+Blackheart). I am in love with the Naked3 combo! Absolutely gorgeous. The Double Ended pencils retails at MYR57.

From L-R : Naked Basics, Naked3, Naked2 and Naked1

The double ended pencil is in my wishlist and of course my choice will be the Naked3. 

So there you have it. If you have been eyeing these products then this might be good news for you. Do share if you grab any of these items when next you visit Sephora. 

I would love to here from you and don't forget to follow my blog.  

In respect to the recent unfortunate incident of the missing Malaysian Airline aircraft MH370, I ask that you dear sisters to say a silent prayer that it will be found soon. :'(

#PrayforMH370 #LetsfindMH370

Monday, 10 March 2014

Yin Yoga : Something I Would Like To Practice


Namaste everyone!

Before I continue I would like to explain what Namaste means. Means 'the light in me salutes the light in you'. How philosophical is that? I love the meaning behind this simple word.

Ok lately I have been experiencing some pain in my joints particularly in my right shoulder. It is of course was self inflicted because I was trying to do the conventional push ups.... bad idea! So yes I injured myself ;( I mean .. what was I thinking??

Anyway a recent event that I was invited to introduced me to Yin Yoga which will help me to work my joints and deeper tissue that might be injured when I was doing outer/surface muscle in traditional workout. 

I was further enlightened by the fact that it is most beneficial for women to do Yin Yoga due to the many changes our body goes through by just being woman ; menstrual, menopausal, anxiety, work stress, child birth etc.

Half Moon Pose

So what is Yin Yoga?
After much reading, I have concluded that Yin Yoga is an approach to practise in exercising the Yin tissue ; meaning the bone/joints and connective tissue. The targeted tissue is relatively hidden, closer to the core. Some sources even refer it to being mysterious (because it is hidden) and receptive. 

All this hidden tissue needs to be exercised and it has to be done in the Yin way. Yin Yoga adapts known yoga poses and is performed to target specific connective tissue as well as nadis ( energetic pathways of the body ) that corresponds to the vital organs of your body. 

Therefore, Yin Yoga works not only on the physical level (which are your bones, tendons, ligaments and fascia) but also the on the body energy level by stimulating the energetic pathways of your body. 

The poses in Yin Yoga are held longer and is usually between three to five minutes and sometimes up to 20 mins. It is almost meditative. 

What are the benefits of practising Yin Yoga?
Yin Yoga is often used in programmes that deal with addictions, anxiety, trauma, eating disorder and the likes. It is about learning to sit still, to really come face to face with yourself because in that stillness your mind will wander to issues that you might be avoiding. 

Practising Yin Yoga help deal with life issues
Yin Yoga teaches you how to really listen to what is going on in your mind and to be more aware of your body as you hold your poses in that three to five mins of stillness. When you hold long poses it teaches you to learn to be present and accept what is in that given moment. 

For me it teaches me to be comfortable in my own company and deal with emotions that I might have pushed away when I am busy doing 101 things. Most of all, I learn to be still and be patient with myself. I learn that I don't need to be doing everything at one go. 

In a weird way ( and for the life of me I don't know how to explain this outcome ) I also learn to appreciate and be grateful of what I have,  to love myself and my loved ones more. I learn to be more accepting in many ways of myself and others. Because of that I am much happier with my life. 

So here is to a better acceptance of ourselves as women.