My Favourite YouTube Guru Emilynoel83 Is Pregnant Yeay!

Hi dearies

Since 2008, I have been hooked to YouTube and spent countless hours watching beauty videos on weekends. Having watch so many videos from different Gurus I must say Emilynoel83 is one of my most favourite Youtube Guru.

She is so real and informative. She also replies to my questions or comments sent to her on twitter. She is just a lovely person and how I wish I have her as my friend. Being with her for more than 5 years now made me feel that I know her personally already. Isn't that crazy? hehe I would look forward to her new videos and wished she would load more videos.

She used to anchor for the morning news but now she is a full time YouTuber. And her husband? Gosh  Tyler is so supportive of her and that made her even more real to me. I love her relationship with her husband, they are great together. Emily, a tiny bubbly lady, and Tyler the sporting and sweet guy.

Yesterday in her latest video she and Tyler announced the coming of the baby into their lives. I cried happy tears! I know it is crazy but that is the kind of connection she builds with her viewers.

Taken from her blog

So this post is for my girl Emily. I love you and Tyler... I pray for all things great for both of you. Keep doing videos because hundreds of thousand people love you.

Here is the video that brought me to tears ;)

To connect with her, follow her on (This is a cut and paste from her blog) :

Happy days!


  1. I just found out about it today on her Instagram acc. So happy for her!

    1. I know right! They would be great parents I am sure


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