The Z Palette Is Finally Mine!

Hey Gorgeous!

If you have read my previous post, you would have seen my Zebra print Z Palette :D. Yes! I just got it after many many years of having it in my wish list.

Ta Daaaa! 
What can I say about it? 
1. It does not feel cheap. True to my research, it is not 'just' a cardboard box with a window. It is sturdy not flimsy at all. It offers the strength of a plastic palette while using eco-friendly recyclable material.

2. It is light. Unlike the Inglot freedom system palette where they are so heavy, this one has a nice weight to it that gives you the comfort of it being sturdy yet light enough that it won't add that much of a difference to the weight of your handbag should you choose to slip this in.

3. It has a window so you could see what's inside. Unlike those old MAC palettes with black covers where you either have to label them or keep opening the palette until you find the one with the colour combo that you want. I have 2 of those MAC palettes so I have to open them to know which is which simply because I do not want to stick anything on the cover. Even MAC has changed their palette now to the ones with window. Here in Malaysia, the palette will cost you a ridiculous MYR120 for the one without inserts and MYR185 with inserts. So, thank you very much, I will have my Z Palette now please *smirking

4. It simply looked sophisticated and pretty.

5. It has a magnetic closure which I love.

6. It comes in 4 sizes - Small like mine which can fill 9 Makeupgeek shadow pans, 4U Medium that can fit 15 Makeupgeek pans, Large that can fit 27 Makeupgeek pans and a Pro size which fits 35 Makeupgeek pans

7. You can fit in makeup pans of any size. 

8. It magnetise my Makeupgeek shadows and my Inglot shadow pans with ease. It won't magnetise my MAC ones thought but the palette comes with a magnet plate so I can stick those plates behind my MAC pans and it will magnetise without an issue.

9. It is cheaper than the new MAC palette. Need I say more? No :) 

Let's see more pictures now, shall we?

My customised Makeupgeek and Inglot combo for my trip last weekend

With the lid closed

Gorgeous and sleek. Love the window!

The small palette fits 9 Makeupgeek shadow pans. It is the same for MAC shadow pans too.
I love my leopard print design so much. Just looking at it makes me feel happy. 

I bought this at a discounted price of MYR55

If you want to get your hands on Z Palletes, I have some up for sale which will be up soon enough. So, do watch out for that. 

I hope you enjoy reading this post. Do share your thoughts on this because I would love to here from you. 

Till then stay beautiful and positive.

View my Z Palette Blog Sale here.

P/s: My KOSE giveaway is still on so click here to enter.


  1. I want one of these for all my bulky eye shadow singles - they just look so good, brill post :)

    1. I hope you will get one soon Helen! Xoxo

    2. Helen I am currently selling Z palettes. Do check out my post on that ya if you are interested to buy

  2. Colors are exaclty what I am looking for ! I wish I had one in my country, too ! Enjoy it ! :)

    1. Colors? You mean the eyeshadow? You can buy them here.just click on the makeupgeek banner. If it's the ZPalette! I am putting up some for sale tomorrow Nzigi :D


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