Yoga : Going Back To The Mat

Hey Gorgeous

It has been a while since I post something on health. I have been busy with work and that, unfortunately has taken me away from my beloved yoga mat for quite some time now. I missed my yoga mat. ...err can one be missing a yoga mat?! hahaha I know I do and it is real.

Late last month, right about after my last post on Yin Yoga, I have practiced it for about 2 weeks. True to its claim that my body became more flexible and the nagging pain i have on my right shoulder has subsided. My bad wrists too have become stronger and I no longer feel pain when I do my chaturangga.

Then life became busy and I only get to practice on the mat twice this month so far :( . Having said that I noticed three prevailing things:
1. I began to feel the old anxiety again and I became restless
2. My skin is not as great as when I practiced 4-5 times a week
3. I don't sleep well at night

In a nutshell .... NOT GOOD. so yesterday I was so happy that I had time to spare and practiced for 1 1/2 hour. It felt so good and for the first time in a long time (it felt like ages) I trully feel happy and free. Funny isn't it? Especially the part of being 'free'. Free from my anxiety caused by external and internal factor. Free from my ever active mind that won't shut down even when I try to sleep. Last night I slept well and peacefully.

The picture that I post in this entry is called Malasana. Like all yoga poses it has its quality. Malasana has a grounding quality and it is a good pose to practice whenever you need to bring on calm.

I shall do it today and may it bring me calmness to me. Try this and tell me what you feel after that.

Stay free and happy



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