Z Pallete Blog Sale

Hello Dolls!

The time has come for the blog sale! I am so excited.

I have Z Palettes here for Malaysian babes who have been wanting to get their hands on these. So shop away! Do visit my Facebook Page to browse for more beauty stuff here.

For those who are not familiar with Z Palette, you can read my reviews here or watch a YouTube review.

All items are in stock and ready to be shipped.

1. 4U Z Palette - Medium Size
    It is a medium size pallete. Not too big and not too small.  
    Handy enough to put in your handbag. This palette can 
    house 15 MAC shadows. You can also put in your blushers, 
    compact powder refill or highlights in this to create your 
    perfect on-the-go palette. Perfect when you need more   
    option for touch ups. The clear window lets you see what's 

    PRICE : MYR 58
    Item Code : Z4U-BLACK ( 1 item)

4U Black Palette
4U Black Platte can fit 15 MAC size pans. Product not included.

2. Large Z Palette
    If you are a makeup junkie like me, this is the one for you. 
    This large palette can hold 27 MAC shadow pans. Of course 
    you can put in whatever makeup pan in there, blushes, 
    highlighter, compact powder refill, Makeup brushes etc. 
    The clear window lets you see what's inside.
    PRICE : MYR 69
    Item Code : ZL-BLACK (1 Item)

Large Black Z Palette
Large Black Z Palette. Product not included

    PRICE : MYR 69
    Item Code : ZL-HOTPINK (2 Items) - 1 SOLD

Large Hot Pink Z Palette
Large Hot Pink Z Palette. Product not included.

     PRICE : MYR 69
    Item Code : ZL-ZEBRA (1 item) - SOLD

Large Zebra Z Palette

Large Zebra Z Palette. Product not included.

3. Small Z Palette
    This is perfect for on the go travel when you need just a few 
    items. This small size is perfect to make your very own 
    customised eye shadow palette. You can easily switch up 
    and transfer shadow pans from a bigger palette to this 
    small one. 

    PRICE : MYR 48
    Item Code : ZS-HOTPINK (1 item)

Small Hot Pink Z Palette

Small Hot Pink Z Palette. Product not included.

    PRICE : MYR 48
    Item Code : ZS-BLACK (1 item)
Small Black Z Palette
Small Black Z Palette. Product not included

    PRICE : MYR 48
    Item Code : ZS-Leopard (1 item)

Small Leopard Z Palette

Small Leopard Z Palette. Product not included

Please email you orders to:

  • Strictly on a first come first serve basis. 
  • Price quote is excluding shipping.
  • Shipping is FREE within West Malaysia.
  • I also ship to the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei. Do email to enquire
  • Payment can be made via Maybank, CIMB, Public Bank and Paypal.


  1. Hi, I'm interested to purchase 2 large z palette (Hot Pink & Black). Are they still available? Pls email me clkhoo82@gmail.com

  2. hi pls let me know if youre still selling your medium sized z palette. hnnarzali@yahoo.com thanks!

    1. Hi Hanna

      Sorry dear I have ran out of stock of that.

  3. Hi, do you still have ZS-leopard available in stock? If not, what about other small Z Palettes? lessajinomoto@hotmail.com Thanks!!

  4. Hi, do you still have large z pallete?

  5. Hi, do you still have large z pallete?

  6. Hi dear, do you sell makeup geek eyeshadow?



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