Tuesday, 20 January 2015

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation - My 2014 Best Liquid Foundation

Hello ladies

Have you or are you having issues with finding the perfect foundation colour? I do. For years it has been my number one plight...To the point of giving up ok. No joke.

Then NARS came into my life and my plight is gone yeaaay! NARS Sheer Glow Foundation gives me enough coverage for daily wear. While I love my Estèe Lauder Double Wear Foundation, this gives me a more natural dewy look. Plus, the colour is a perfect match. I am in Medium 3 - Stromboli.

This formula is buildable so you can layer it for more coverage. Most importantly they don't look cakey even after the 3rd layer. I of course use my Beauty Blender. It is important to note here too that NARS actually recommends their foundation to be applied using your fingers as the warmth of your hands will better help the product to blend beautifully with your skin. I have used the foundation both ways (of course this is based on using the original Beauty Blender) and the effect is the same.

Their Sheer Glow Foundation retails for MYR 165 without the dispenser pump. I don't remember exactly how much I paid for the dispenser but i believe it is around MYR19.

Would I recommend this to friends?

Would I repurchase this?

I have used this on brides and they do last through out the akad nikah ceremony and reception under our sunny Malaysian weather. What I personally feel best about using this foundation for brides is that, it gives the skin the sort of glowiness that gives my blushing brides radiant complexion, almost ethereal so to speak.

Give this foundation a go and you would love it too, promise!


I have heard about NARS more than 8 to 9 years ago on a TV Programme at NTV7. It said that NARS is the number one makeup brand for foundation used by celebrity makeup artists in Hollywood. Why? Because of the wide colour spectrum it offers ( particularly suitable for women of colours) and the dewy soft effects it gives the complexion during photo shoots.

I was saying "If JLo and Beyonce ( to name a few famous artist ) can rock this foundation then I should be able to find my colour". Back then online shopping was not that big in Malaysia, not to mention getting cosmetics from the US online. Plus, even if there was an online shop that carried this NARS foundation, how would I know my colour if I don't colour test them on my skin, right?

So, imagine my excitement when NARS opens a store here in KL. I went there the first week they open and guess what? They were almost out of foundation ... and that included the one in the colour that matches me like a second skin. If I were to be an animated figure, I would have had a knife in my hand and stabbed myself :p

Heart broken.

While I have recommended this foundation to many, I,  after my first visit, never attempted to even ask, much less buy, my colour after so long a wait. Finally, in the month of May, 2014 ... they have my colour in stock.

I walked out of NARS that day a happy woman :D

Till my next post ... Love Yourself


Saturday, 10 January 2015

30 Days of Yoga Commitment

Hello my friends,

If you have been following my blog, you would know by now that I have committed myself to 30 Days of Yoga as a way to get myself back on the mat. I am so out of practice so these daily shots of short Yoga sequence do help me ease into my practice.

So here I thought I would share with you my daily dose of Yoga sequence. Hopefully it will help you start and practice Yoga on your own at home. What? At home? Yes you heard me right. I don't go to Yoga studios to practice Yoga. I do it in the comfort of my home where I can practice anytime of the day and in whatever attire I choose to wear. It sounds so unconventional but I am telling it has been great. Practicing at home taught me to listen to my body, know my limitations and accept them, which led me to practice caution and practice using my inner mirror to guide me in doing my practice.

Yes! there is such a thing as inner mirror. It is like dancing without a big mirror in front of you where you learn to rely on your body's intuition to copy the steps and guide your movement.

Reasons for me practicing Yoga at home:

1. The schedules at Yoga studios are not to my liking. Most of what I wanted to join in are after working hours. I do not have a fix working hours so having to wait till the end of the day to do Yoga does not sound attractive to me.

2. I do not relish the thought of driving out, braving the traffic to do a 1-hour class.

3. The classes are expensive!!!!

4. I am not sure about going to a mix group of male and female class ... not appealing.

5. There are so many free Yoga classes online.

6. I can download these classes. I can play, pause and repeat as many times as I want! Yeay! Can you do that in traditional Yoga classes? Unlikely.

Anyway, I am currently following a 30-day program crafted by Adriene who is based in Houstan, Texas .... ( don't you just love the internet?). Thanks to the internet, I am able to connect with her and do all the wonderful practices with her along with thousands of others around the world in our own time zone.

The sequences in this 30 Days of Yoga are relatively short, between 16-35 minutes so it is perfect for those of you who are just starting or, like me, starting over. One thing to remember is to have fun doing them. Forgive yourself if you can't do certain poses and know that you will get better over time. I know I did. Sure I get sores on certain days particularly the days where the emphasis is on the core muscles but I have to keep my practices so I can get back in shape.

So, here you are the link to my playlist, please click here. Or you can subscribe to her channel and take it from there here. We are on day 9 today but you can start anytime. That's the beauty of having online classes. It is totally up to you :D

Here is Day 1 for your viewing. I hope this video will be the start of many more Yoga practices for you. Let's celebrate life and choose to be healthier this year.


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Female Talk : New Year, New Me in 2015

Namaste beautiful readers!

It has been a while I know. Part of my new year's Resolution this year is to post at least 2 write ups a week and it starts this week hahaha.

Ok it is a new year and many people has written down their New Year's Resolutions on paper or pasted pictures on a board ( for those of you who are visual ). I have written mine on my awesome planner which I received last year. Wrote my resolutions early this year. That was waaaaaay before Christmas. Want to know why? Because I want to have an early start. With the holidays and all, I tend to get distracted so having them written down earlier helps me to hit the ground running so to speak.

This year, I have decided, it will be a healthy year for me. Last year I had complications with my health and I lost a lot of weight. Towards the end of last year,  I gained some of what I lost (haha isn't that typical???).... not good because now I can feel my steps are lighter without the pounds that I have regained upon getting my health issues sorted out.

While I didn't make a resolution to lose weight this year, I aim to make that a result of my change in eating habit and lifestyle. What do I mean? Here are PART of my resolution this year ;

1.  Drink more water ( 3 liters )- by water I mean plain water. In the past years I have always drank more sugared water ( be it Teh 'O' Limau suam ) than plain water. Whenever I am out eating, there I go again with my Teh 'O' Limau Suam ;D. So, this year ... Air Suam please.

 2. Eat smaller portion - who said we always have to eat full portion? I take smaller portions now. I find that I am ok with eating smaller portion. A general rule I start to follow is stop eating before I am full. I realised that I don't get that blotty feeling since practising this. I eat my rice twice a day sometimes 3 times a day if I have a glorious Nasi Lemak for breakfast. I just stop eating before I feel full. 

3. Be vegetarian twice a week - Yes you heard me right. I am not a big fan of vegetables when I was growing up but I am beginning to have an acquired taste to vegetables these days. So I make it a point to be vegetarian twice a week to cleanse my body of the acidity from eating meat. 

4. Choose healthier option from menu when eating out - I always have a choice. It is up to me to decide what I put in my mouth. So yes I choose the less fatty meal when I eat out. After all it is the company that I must enjoy fully, right? Right!

5. Practice Yoga 5 times a week - I have started a 30 day yoga programme online. My body is sore right now because I have not hit the mat for a quite some time now. It is a 30-minute practice for 30 days and so far I am loving it (despite my soreness ). The key to enjoying your workout is to love the workout that you are doing I was told. Yoga I love ... gym and running? ... not so. Therefore Yoga it is!

So there you have it, My Health Goal! Not so much of losing weight but to a more healthier me.

I hope you too will make positive changes in your life so that you can feel good about yourself. The key here is to not want to look like those beach bunnies or Victoria's Secret Angels ... no .. no. Never ever do that to yourself. 

Deciding to choose health is the very act of self love. So, Love Yourself!