30 Days of Yoga Commitment

Hello my friends,

If you have been following my blog, you would know by now that I have committed myself to 30 Days of Yoga as a way to get myself back on the mat. I am so out of practice so these daily shots of short Yoga sequence do help me ease into my practice.

So here I thought I would share with you my daily dose of Yoga sequence. Hopefully it will help you start and practice Yoga on your own at home. What? At home? Yes you heard me right. I don't go to Yoga studios to practice Yoga. I do it in the comfort of my home where I can practice anytime of the day and in whatever attire I choose to wear. It sounds so unconventional but I am telling it has been great. Practicing at home taught me to listen to my body, know my limitations and accept them, which led me to practice caution and practice using my inner mirror to guide me in doing my practice.

Yes! there is such a thing as inner mirror. It is like dancing without a big mirror in front of you where you learn to rely on your body's intuition to copy the steps and guide your movement.

Reasons for me practicing Yoga at home:

1. The schedules at Yoga studios are not to my liking. Most of what I wanted to join in are after working hours. I do not have a fix working hours so having to wait till the end of the day to do Yoga does not sound attractive to me.

2. I do not relish the thought of driving out, braving the traffic to do a 1-hour class.

3. The classes are expensive!!!!

4. I am not sure about going to a mix group of male and female class ... not appealing.

5. There are so many free Yoga classes online.

6. I can download these classes. I can play, pause and repeat as many times as I want! Yeay! Can you do that in traditional Yoga classes? Unlikely.

Anyway, I am currently following a 30-day program crafted by Adriene who is based in Houstan, Texas .... ( don't you just love the internet?). Thanks to the internet, I am able to connect with her and do all the wonderful practices with her along with thousands of others around the world in our own time zone.

The sequences in this 30 Days of Yoga are relatively short, between 16-35 minutes so it is perfect for those of you who are just starting or, like me, starting over. One thing to remember is to have fun doing them. Forgive yourself if you can't do certain poses and know that you will get better over time. I know I did. Sure I get sores on certain days particularly the days where the emphasis is on the core muscles but I have to keep my practices so I can get back in shape.

So, here you are the link to my playlist, please click here. Or you can subscribe to her channel and take it from there here. We are on day 9 today but you can start anytime. That's the beauty of having online classes. It is totally up to you :D

Here is Day 1 for your viewing. I hope this video will be the start of many more Yoga practices for you. Let's celebrate life and choose to be healthier this year.



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