BeautyOAT Collagen Plus+ Oat Drink Formula - My new best friend

Yoohoo everyone. Happy Sunday!

It is a relaxing Sunday for me this week so thought I drop a post especially for you who are looking for a product that could help you with you skin issues and general health. We women close to our 40s has different needs mind you.

For those who know me personally or who had stumbled into my blog would know that I have skin issues; pimples, uneven skintone and more recently... dryness and oiliness coupled with tiny irritating pimples (whom would drop by and have a party particularly around my jawline and hairline) depending on which way my hormones chose to swing. It is very confusing to me so I have 2 different skincare type to deal with my ever changing hormones. Lennox did the most part in helping me cope with my adult pimple saga in 2013 and I am sure you have read all about it.

My current situation is quite different from back then. Like I explained earlier my skin is confused. I believe age has a hand in this and it won't rest until I reach the elegant age of 40 (some said) in a couple of years. .....That's way too long a wait!

One day I stumbled into this heaven sent product :D

Cute packaging don't you think? I have read reviews about this baby and of course yours truly have to try it. Went to their website and a day later I received this in my mail. Just for the record their staff are very efficient!

In this pretty box I get 18 gold-coloured sachets each weighing 30 grams. I have to take this twice a day; once in the morning during breakfast and another at night before bed. So, one box is a 9-day supply. Retails at RM 79 (WM) and RM 89 (EM)

As a person who is used to eating oats, this was a breeze for me. No issues about the taste and all that so Yippee! I was just so eager to try and see if the claims made by others works for me too. Oh, it is also important to note here that I was in my menstrual. I was informed that it is safe for me to consume this product in my delicate condition :D so double Yippe! DO NOTE that some product out there are not encouraged or not safe to be consumed during menses or pregnancy ya.

Here is my report:

Day 2 : I noticed my irritating tiny friends dried up and it was easy for me to take them out and clear my congested skin area around my jawline and hairline. I also realised that I don't experience hunger pangs in between meals. I also continued to have my menses as usual ... My body is very sensitive during this time of the month FYI. Anything foreign that is not natural when ingested during this period will caused my menses to stop and that includes Panadol! Weird and scary but it is true.

Day 4 : I still have one or two hat came out to play but dried very quickly the next day. I also noticed improvement in my digestive system.

Day 6 : My skin feels smooth to the touch. I don't know how that happened but yeay! When i run my hands across my face, I feel no roughness on the jaw or forehead or cheeks. Marvellous!

Day 9 : Amazingly my skin was no longer confused. No more terrible dryness on my cheeks and most importantly, I don't notice oiliness on my T-zone. I am a happy woman!

The product : Is Malaysian made! and is Halal. Contains natural ingredient that is safe to consume daily. BeautyOat is certified by SGS (Malaysia) SDN BHD and ingredients are compliant with the Food Act 1983 and Food Regulations 1985. Most importantly:

4 Main Ingredients : Oat, Marine Collagen, Cherry Blossom and Pomegranate. Read more about it here

Would I recommend this product ? 
YES, YES and double YES!

Where can you buy this amazing product ? 
You can go to their website and purchase there. While you are at it, find them on Facebook and Instagram : BeautyOAT

More images:

How to prepare

Need I say more?

I highly recommend you to give this product I go. My only concern here is ...... I have ran out of it! Got to get my supply in very soon!

Have a great Sunday all! Love yourself!


  1. Collagen is a major protein of species throughout the animal kingdom including man and other mammals, birds and fish.

    Hydrolyzed collagen

  2. So, basically you are taking 2 products in a day; Lennox and Beautyoat?

    As for Lennox, for how long did you consume before you could get rid of all those pimples?


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