Kung Fu Panda 3 - What I Learn From It

Now tell me who doesn't love this big cuddly, at times clumsy Panda? :D Aside from being amazingly funny, the Kung Fu Panda movie series have a lot to teach us about life and how we view things.

Kung Fu Panda 3 hit me quite hard this time around - in particular the issue with "Who am I ?"

It is a question so many of us have when taking the journey to self. We often get confused with who we are. Taking on different responsibilities often times make us forget who we are. More often then not, we adapt to suit the environment we are in or the role we have to play - at work place, at home, with family, friends, co-workers etc.

I was asked this question recently as I crossed another intersection in my life, and I couldn't answer it. Despite my years of training and my role as a coach .. I do not know how to answer that simple question. All I know is I can do so many things when I put my mind to it and as long as I have interest in something I know I will do well in it. But that was it. I juggled so many things to the point where I got burned out. That made me decided to return to myself.

This movie taught me:
1. At certain point of our life we need to change and take on new roles and responsibilities simply because the need for it has come.

2. We are in actual fact all the roles we take on .. for me - a woman, a daughter, a teacher, a wife, a friend, a makeup and beauty junkie, a blogger and a servant of God. We are ALL that.

3. You can only turn You into YOU. It doesn't make sense yet it makes a lot of sense once you think about it. We are so busy trying to be someone else that we forgot to be us. Be the best version of yourself the saying goes. If you are a teacher, be the best version of you as a teacher ..  never compete with anyone else but yourself. Capitalise on your talent. If you can write well but no magazine wants to hire you - BLOG. If you can teach people how to put on their makeup then TEACH people how to put on makeup. Never wait. That is the beauty of the world we live in today. You are free to venture to new things and information is readily available everywhere.

SO go out there and be the best version of yourself. We all have our talents waiting to be unleashed.

All the best!


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