Launch of Limited Edition Dot Shock Collection by PUPA

The Italians are not only well known for their designing industry but also their beauty and cosmetic industry. In fact many of the world’s top producers of cosmetics and beauty products are indeed Italian. So, you can imagine my excitement when I was invited to witness the unveiling of a new Spring – Summer Collection 2016 for a leading makeup brand in Italy – PUPA

The collection is called Dot Shock – a modern and colourful take on the Polka Dot trend. This collection juxtaposes Delicate and Intense colours, marrying them to create the perfect harmony of Soft and Bold colours.

With that information in hand, I went to the launch with much expectation. Arriving at the venue at SaSa IOI City Mall,  I was greeted with a wonderful display of girly girl decorations in hues of reds, pinks and purples.  A girl couldn’t help but feel special :D

We even had a photo booth for photo sessions. Here I am with my new blogger friend, lovely Afidah.

If I was smitten by the reception area, I fell in love when I saw the collection. Dot Shock is indeed a beautiful collection from packaging right down to the colour selection.

We were graced by the presence of the co-creator of this collection who is PUPA’s very own International Makeup Artist Giorgio Forgani.

Giorgio explained that the Red is the colour of PUPA as it represents the colour of Passion. 
                                                         I say Yes to that!

 PUPA has produced many products that is # 1 in Italy. 

The collection consists of Dot Shock Eyeshadow PaletteVamp!Stylo Liner
Dot Shock BlushMiss Pupa & Dot Shock Balmy Gloss for lip sticks and lip 
glosses and finally their nail polishes in Lasting Color Gel and Lasting Color 
Velvet Matt.

Giorgio demonstrated on how he uses the collection to create
luminous, delicately fresh Spring-Summer Italian look.

While demonstrating, he gave us tricks and tips on creating professional looking makeup at home.

Valuable lessons for me are:
1. How to put on mascara - there are two ways of putting on mascara and each   
     creates distinctly different  outcome.
·       Zig-zag method – will create soft defined look that would look most natural. Put the mascara brush at the based of your lashes and wiggle it along the length of your lashes in a zig-zaggy motion.
·      Long Strokes method – will create a strong enhanced look on the lashes. Put the mascara brush at the base of your lashes and pull it straight along the length of your lashes.

2. How to put on blusher -  to create a beautiful healthy blush, use a fluffy blush brush and apply product to the apples of the cheek . Then, without adding anymore product on the brush, go on to defuse the colour in an upward circlular motion right to the temples and then to the area under your eye brow ( about ¾ in).

3. How to apply eyeshadow on the lid – use a flat stiff brush. Pick up eyeshadow using the flat side of the brush and apply the product on the lid using a patting motion – not in sweeping motion, to create a more intense colour on the lid.

I applied his techniques and I think I managed to recreate the look that he did on his beautiful model :p
An excellent teacher he is, this Giorgio!

 OMG I must say I love everything that I tried in this collection.  If I have to list it down, here is what I love most about the new collection:
1.  The packaging! I am a sucker for packaging and the one created for this collection is fun, modern and vibrant, yet so feminine! It took its inspiration from the elegance of polka dots in the 30s style.  I know a few friends of mine that would fall head over heels for the packaging alone.

2. Colour Payoff. The colour payoff is excellent! We didn’t use any primer when we tried on the products so I was impressed with the intensity of the colours. So saturated.

3. Eyeshadow is buttery soft! When I ran my fingers on the eyeshadow to test the consistency of the shadow and boy was I in for a surprised. The powder is finely milled and they are buttery soft to the touch. Best part is I didn't notice a lot of product kickbacks when I pick up the shadows with a brush. One more thing, these shadows can be used dry for casual looks or wet to intensify the colours. Awesome!

4. The Blush colour. OMG! This is officially my favourite blush colour for me from here on.  The blush is made of warm pink, bubblegum pink and apricot colour beads. Dip a blush brush into the dainty jar, swirl it and pop it to the cheeks and they will give you that healthy luminous look. Perfect for almost any skin tone. I love this the most!

5. Lining my eyes using Vamp! Stylo Liner. It is so easy to draw a fine and ultra precise line with this baby. Upon closer inspection, I found that the tip is not made of felt tip but sponge-like tip!  That makes it much easier to follow the contours of the eye – the reason why it was so easy to draw a precise line.

6. Price Point. For the high quality of the products, I must say I was surprised at the price point. The price for the products in this collection ranges from RM43 – RM99. Amazing price point for 5-star quality! Fantastico PUPA!

Here are more pictures taken during the event

The two gorgeous eyeshadow palettes 

My now favourite blush!

Love the mascara and Vamp! Stylo Liner

The Dot Shock Collection

Their space in SaSa

 :D Giorgio Forgani and I

For me, PUPA has captured the essense of woman and feminity – succesfully matching soft spring earth tones with shocking Fuschia.  Bold yet unintimidating.

Would I buy the items from Dot Shock Collection?
Double YES!

Would I recommend friends to try and buy products from PUPA?
Triple YES!

Where to get your hands on PUPA cosmetics?

Overall it is one girly girl event that is right up my alley. Thank you SaSa for organizing a wonderful event. Thank you Nuffnang for inviting me to cover the story.

See you in my next post, Ciao Ciao!

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  1. OMG...Great you too Diana..

  2. Never heard of the brand before
    But Wow ~ They look nice

    1. They do and the quality is great. You should check them out!


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