The Five Minute Journal - A Great Way To Focus On The Good

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Yesterday I wrote about the gratitude list and I have also written about how hard it was for me to start because I was not in the gratitude mindset. I have passed that phase. All fine and dandy. Now, the bigger hurdle is CONSISTENCY.

LOL Yep! Just when you thought you got this and wham you are hit by the challenge of keeping up with this new habit of writing gratitude list consistently for the next 30 days!

You might remember me telling about how I could hardly get past #3 of my list to writing 3 full A5 pages, so on and so forth. I have to agree that keeping that up for the next 30 days is about discipline. No one says building a new habit is easy :D. Do I have great news for you! Oh, and I am not saying that this will let you off easy either, however, I believe this is managable. Stay with me...

A few months ago, my sister shared with me that she finds it hard to keep up with those long lengthy gratitude list. She has, however, stumbled into something that is easier for her to keep up with. That is the Five Minute Journal.

The Five Minute Journal is " The simplest most effective thing you can do every day to be happier" - Five Minute Journal. Check them out here. You will get to flip through the journal to see if it would work for you.

What I like using the Five Minute Journal format is that it helps me to focus on the Good from the moment I wake up. Here, they put this habit of doing the Five Minute Journal (the first thing in the morning upon waking up and the last thing you do before you go to bed) as a commitment. The commitment to shift your focus to the positive.

I thought that is brilliant! While I don't have the Journal per say, because I have to order them from the US, I have been using the daily prompts to help me get started. I have been using my Hobonichi Techo 'Cousin' daily pages for this purpose. I am loving it so far.

My Hobonichi techo 'Cousin'

My Daily Page

The idea is to be able to do quick 5 minute journal. That is why it is called Five Minute Journal ;D. It is not suppose to take so much of your time that it will deter you from commiting to it. 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes before bed. Since I have been writing my Gratitude List for quite sometime, I don't really have issues with doing this twice a day. I mean ... Hello ... only 5 minutes ya.

I urge you to check them out. If you are from the US, it should be easy for you to order the Journal from them. They also have an App for this for both Android and iOS user. How great it that?! It is priced at USD 4.99 - pretty reasonable! I am a pen and paper girl so getting the Journal is my next goal.

I hope you will give this a go in your pursuit to have positivity in your life.

In Gratitute



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